Matt O’Brien writes and maintains the poll every two weeks

Rarely is there such a close call in a Wrestleview poll. The most recent poll asked readers when wrestling will hit its next boom period. The results are as follows:

When will wrestling hit its next boom period?

Within one year 20.03% (1,125 votes)
1-2 years 19.98% (1,122 votes)
3-4 years 20.01% (1,124 votes)
5 years or more 20.07% (1,127 votes)
Never 19.91% (1,118 votes)

Total votes casted: 5,616

Over five thousand votes were cast with the winning prediction coming out just two votes ahead. The third place prediction was only one vote behind second place. Fourth place was only two votes behind the third place vote, and finally, the last place vote was four votes behind fourth place. Readers were given five options, and it all came down to less than ten votes!

It’s not easy to predict when the next boom period will hit for professional wrestling, if it ever does. Most contemporary fans of American wresting remember the days of the Attitude Era, wrestling’s last boom. It was then that wrestling fans were getting great show after great show because of the competition between WCW and WWF. Eventually, the competition was won, and soon after the wrestling boom was over.

The top vote getter was for wrestling to hit its next boom in five years or more. This would mean that wrestling has a long way to go before it becomes as popular as it once was. By the time five years would pass, there would likely be a different demographic and a new cast of characters starring in the WWE show.

Coming in second place was the prediction that wrestling will hit its next boom within one year. One comment suggested that maybe wrestling was in its boom right now as WWE has reported record profits. The recent CM Punk storyline has many fans buzzing that he might be the next Steve Austin-the face of the Attitude Era boom. There is also the upcoming clash between John Cena and The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII which will do big business.

Just one vote behind was the prediction for a boom period to hit in three to four years. This gives wrestling a little time to find the next its next direction and build towards big business. At the same time, many of the same characters of today would be around to participate. It’s hard to imagine John Cena not being a part of a popular period for WWE. The same can be said for the fourth place category of one to two years where wrestling could get there but needs a little more time to get there. Remember, in the middle of 1995 there wasn’t even Monday Nitro. A couple of years later, wrestling was on the cusp of incredible popularity.

Then there are those who feel professional wrestling will never hit a boom period again. When the voting first started, this was the leading category, but was quickly overtaken as the other options caught up. Perhaps there are those fans who feel that wrestling has just down all it can. Comments left by some voters demonstrate how hard it is to imagine wrestling ever being that popular ever again.

The hope in asking this question to Wrestleview readers, as with all its polls, is to get the readers to think about something and cast an honest vote for something they think, want, or believe. With how close the votes came, it truly shows the diversity in how fans think about the industry. It also asks them to make a tough assessment. How will the next boom come about? It could be a storyline or character that draws people in. Perhaps an upswing in the economy will bring it about. There is always the hope that TNA or another promotion will rise up as true competition for WWE and lead to another wrestling world. The region it happens in too, be it Japan, Mexico, or America, is also up for debate. Keep in mind there are also those who believe that wrestling is cyclical. That theory gets tossed around every now and then by those inside the industry and those who watch it. If that theory is true, perhaps wrestling is due for the next boom period soon.

Thank you to all the readers who voted. It is much appreciated. Be sure to cast your vote in the current Wrestleview poll rating the current John Cena-CM Punk storyline!

Matt O’Brien