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Monday Night Mayhem DVD Review: “YouShoot: HTM2”
Produced By: Kayfabe Commentaries
DVD Review Written By: Shawn “The Angry Hero” Marek

Back in the chamber again, it’s the mighty Kayfabe Commentaries back with another entry to their “YouShoot” canon. This time, it is the first-ever return “YouShoot with “the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all-time,” The Honky Tonk Man, hosted by Sean Oliver.

Right now is an interesting phase for HTM, similar to that of The Iron Sheik. He came screaming out of the gate in the late ’90’s, slinging backstage news, and giving his controversial yet practical opinions on the wrestling scene. I did not get to see the first KC “YouShoot” from four years ago with HTM, but the other shoots of his that I’ve seen are raw, uncensored, & awesome.He has dialed back the venom in recent years (even admitting so on this release). Thankfully for us, The Honky Tonk Man is in fine form on this “YouShoot,” touching upon some topics not previously breached.

A great moment in this DVD is when The Blue Meanie asks, via video, how HTM managed his financial & life affairs while on the road in the halcyon days of 1980’s WWF. Honky is genuinely pleased to respond, explaining how his wife was able to handle his bills, and even FedExed clean clothes to him across the country. He perceives the difficulty that the single wrestlers had to go through coming home to a stack of overdue bills and not being able to maintain their utilities. This is pre-Internet for the most part, so you could just imagine Shawn Michaels, for example, being locked out of his apartment back in 1989.

Honky gives his thoughts on stars such as The Undertaker, Andre the Giant, “The Macho Man” Randy Savage, & The Dynamite Kid, the last of which he tagged along with his partner Davey Boy Smith as one of the more malicious ribbers in the business at the time. There are a few games along the way, as HTM rates the best wrestling mug shots, determines who the baddest tough guy is in the business, and who are the real “medicine men” in pro wrestling. Another great story is HTM’s tale about Herb Abrams, the UWF promoter from the early ’90’s, who died in spectacular fashion.

Mixing topics up a bit, Oliver brings up questions pertaining to “Health.” Honky talks about his eternally damaged pec that precludes him from chops. He also touches on the recent Hepatitis C issue, aging gracefully, and why it is that Jake Roberts & The Iron Sheik are still alive despite their drug use. The secret is all in the moderation, my friends. Maybe just do “A to the G” instead of “A to the Z.”

Does Honky have heat with you? I don’t know…do you? That’s what HTM wants to know when it’s brought up whether or not he is at odds with (insert wrestler here). The best of this segment is a video from Matt Bourne (in Doink paint) who asks if he & HTM have heat. Note to KC: get Matt Bourne on a YouShoot soon! Between this & his Wrestling’s Most…Controversial Moment appearance, he is becoming the new Billy Jack Haynes. We also get the infamous “D*ck Bag,” and it gets pretty full…the fullest that I’ve seen so far in YouShoots. Speaking of phalluses, Honky takes a few questions about the sleaze of the wrestling business, including “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan’s party apparatus, Calgary rats, and whether or not Lanny Poffo is as flexible as Hogan said he was on Howard Stern.

While not as vitriolic as past shoots, the second “YouShoot” featuring The Honky Tonk Man from Kayfabe Commentaries is still a fine release. It covers some topics not covered in other YouShoots, a perfect fit for HTM and his willingness to speak his mind.

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