Jeff Jackson sent this in:

The Pro Wrestling Rewind returned to the airwaves after a 1 week hiatus on the newly revamped SNS Radio Network located at with “The Power” Andy Knowles. Andy opened the show talking about the news of the week including breaking down the recent CM Punk /WWE issues. Andy welcomed WWE Hall of Famer and former NWA Tag team Champion Gerald Brisco to the program. Gerry talked about getting into the bussiness alongside his brother, being the NWA Junior weight champion, helping out younger talent,helping in getting Hulk Hogan established including introducing him to Hiro Matsuda alongside his brother Jack, working with Pat Patterson as Mr. McMahon’s stooges, Working with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Andy asked a few questions about McMahon’s dislike of the media/ wrestling fans, The Upcoming Hall of Fame at the Dan Gable museum of wrestling in Waterloo Iowa taking place from July 21st-23rd. His previous appearances at the Hall of Fame and Mick Foley and Terry Funks interaction at the events, in this over 30 min interview with Wrestling Legend Gerald Brisco. Andy opened the phone lines after breaking down Vince’s comments to set up the CM Punk/ John Cena title match before closing out this 90 min edition of the Pro Wrestling Rewind.