Between 5/12 and 6/16, Impact Wrestling in the UK averaged between 152,000 to 219,000 viewers. This is higher than first airings of Raw (109,000 to 126,000) and Smackdown (81,000 to 124,000), although as noted earlier, direct comparisons is unfair given that WWE airs on a station in the UK that is in far less homes (with The Wrestling Observer noting it would be like comparing ratings for a show on Showtime to USA).

In regards to TNA PPV events, Slammiversary drew 157,000 viewers and Sacrifice drew 204,000 viewers. It is interesting to note how much more viewers watch TNA PPV events in the UK compared to the North American market, which is incredibly lower (with some estimates as low as 9,000 to 15,000 per show according to some more recent estimates since TNA is careful not to release them).