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On the latest episode of Right After Wrestling, Arda Ocal (@Arda_Ocal) & Jimmy Korderas (@JimmyKorderas) speak with Claudio Castagnoli (@CCastagnoli). Here are some highlights:

What did Honky Tonk Man say about Claudio’s European Uppercuts?

What did he learn from watching SummerSlam 1993 recently?

How “Claudio’s Cafe” came about, how a typical episode is made and why so much “posing”?

His take on tag team wrestling in ROH, Impact Wrestling and WWE

Thoughts on his possible move to WWE
“I think I would prefer to go as a package with Chris Hero. But I would be comfortable working there on my own. We have a the unique ability to perform in a singles environment and in a tag environment. I think we definitely have very good chemistry and we have greater potential as a team.”

Would the Kings of Wrestling survive in the WWE?
“I think we could survive in the right circumstances. We have the tools to flourish in any wrestling company. We both have unique abilities to talk. Both Chris (Hero) and I are both really good singles wrestlers and tag wrestlers so I think we bring a lot to the table there. And the next step is to bring in actual teams (into the WWE) and not just two singles-wrestlers coming together. That’s what’s missing – actual teams that look alike and seem to have been a team for a long time.”

Is his obsession with coffee blown out of proportion. Also a funny story about him and the Canadian coffee chain Tim Horton’s “not getting along”

Full podcast (including live interview):