is featuring an interview with former ECW, WWE and TNA star Tommy Dreamer where he discusses the creation of his character in ECW with Paul Heyman and getting some much needed help from Taz.

“In the early days of ECW, the fans liked my wrestling ability and I was labelled the pretty boy. It was Taz who went to Paul E. (Paul Heyman, a.k.a. Paul E. Dangerously) and said ‘hey, this kid is very tough.’ And then I took some of the early Taz suplexes … he would just dump me on my head and I would get up. I guess I kind of was put into the hardcore (ranks) under (trial by) fire. Paul E. had envisioned me as pretty much Bruce Willis in Die Hard, where he was a regular guy who was always put in these extreme circumstances. You know, whether you had to blow up a building or run across glass barefoot just to get to the next part of the movie.”

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Hardcore wrestling legend still living the dream