Marc Kruskol sent word about an interview Scott Fishman conducted with former WWE star (Scotty Goldman) and current ROH star Colt Cabana talking about CM Punk name dropping him on Monday Night Raw this past week during his worked shoot promo.

“This is his way of helping me out. By him doing that, the Colt Cabana name recognition gets a little higher. Now people are able to see what I’m all about. I’m not asking for any free handouts. I believe in my abilities 100 percent and think I’ve done a lot of great things. It’s not at a level of a CM Punk, so now more people start Goggling me and have the opportunity to check me out. I was trending on Twitter worldwide. Paul Hayman wasn’t. Brock Lennar wasn’t. In saying that, I have a lot of friends who literally called, e-mailed me and texted me, thinking I had died.”

Full interview:
Colt Cabana thanks friend, WWE superstar CM Punk