David Lagana sent this in:


Six minutes and twenty five seconds. That’s how long it took CM Punk to turn the wrestling world on its ear. The questions – “who knew”, “who didn’t know”, and “what was real” are all there right now. Is this the launch of a new era for WWE? Is this the AUSTIN 3:16 of this generation? Or is this a promo that will sell one PPV and then never be talked about again?

In this new Formerly Creative Podcast I assemble a few of the former WWE Creative Team Members – Alex Greenfield, Andrew Goldstein and John Carle. Andrew Goldstein wrote a blog which you can find below. We all were excited to hop on the line and talk about this. That’s what is so great about the six minutes and twenty five seconds from Monday Night. Listen to our excitement in this podcast at IWantWrestling.com or subscribe on iTunes.