The latest edition of the “Friday Fishbowl” for Friday, June 24, 2011 is now archived and airing exclusively on the Wrestleview Radio Network with host Adam Martin (Editor in Chief of and Wrestleview Radio Network host Greg McNeish.

Questions answered on this week’s edition of the Friday Fishbowl for June 24, 2011:

Question #1: (Submitted by Frank aka Omegabyss)
Do you think John Cena has other clothing besides his ring gear? Everytime he is shown in public on WWE programming or wherever he is ALWAYS sporting the same thing EVERY time!

Question #2: (Submitted by Terf from Chicago)
The stinkface or the bronco-buster. Choose your poison.

Question #3: (Submitted by KenCo12)
Could you see a time soon where wrestlers are in pop culture as much as they used to be in the late 90’s? Not necessarily as movie stars and guest stars on TV shows, but in Saturday Night Live, taking over Jay Leno’s show, etc.