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National TV Spot for Urban Wrestling Pay Per View First Blood (:30 seconds)

Sunday, June 26th 2011 at 8pm et / 5pm pt the wrestling world really will change as the Urban Wrestling Federation (UWF) is laying it all out there uncensored on National Pay Per View –FIRST BLOOD. Never before has a wrestling company gone over-the-line all the time… until now! The streets of hip hop meet pro wrestling. The ring is the new block, and the fights go down anywhere, anytime as the UWF is the Grand Theft Auto of Pro Wrestling. It’s a mans game now! The UWF thrives on reality based story-lines that go on everyday in urban communities across the United States, as well as the world. There is no sugar-coating in the Urban Wrestling Federation (besides the hot video vixens). No topic is safe, and people better watch their back because you never know who is coming for your money and turf. The hip hop shot callers converge on New York City for an all out street war, and even end up in the famed Hammerstein Ballroom to settle scores and position their crews as the dominant street gang, all with their eyes on the Urban Wrestling Federation World Title. If a crew controls the World Title, that crews shot caller controls the UWF money. The UWF is not your typical pro wrestling company by any means. We have provided various video teaser reels, but all have been done under the scope of national TV broadcasting standards. Meaning you can’t really get a full feel of the raw, gritty, and realness that will be shown on the Urban Wrestling Federation Pay Per Views and it all starts with “FIRST BLOOD”. This is not what you know as regular wrestling by any means! We guarantee when Urban Wrestling Federation “FIRST BLOOD” goes off the air Sunday, June 26th –your jaw will be dropped, and everyone will be talking UWF come Monday morning! Tune into Urban Wrestling Federation’s “First Blood” Sunday, June 26th 8pm et / 5pm pt (replayed 11pm et / 8pm pt). First Blood will also play various times throughout the next month –check your local Cable and Satellite Pay Per View provider for exact days and times). First Blood is available on InDemand, TVN Ent, Direct TV, Dish Network on Comcast, Fios, Cox, Time Warner, and many more quality systems.

Urban Wrestling Federation NEW First Blood Pay Per View video tease (:60 seconds)

Urban Wrestling Federation First Blood cable TV preview (15:00 minutes)

Original Urban Wrestling Federation First Blood Pay Per View tease (:30 seconds)

Airs Nationally on Pay Per View everywhere Sunday, June 26th 8pm et / 5pm pt and replayed that evening at 11pm et / 8pm pt (additional replays on each system until August 1, 2011)

-HOMICIDE vs EDDIE KINGSTON (title qualifying match)

-BESTIA VS FACADE (title qualifying match)



Also appearing on UWF’s “First Blood” hip hop stars MELLE MEL, RED CAFE, UNCLE MURDA, BRISCO, BILLY BLUE, RUSSELL “BIG BLOCK” SPENCER, CUBAN LINK, and wrestlers THE SAT’S (JOEL & WIL MAXIMO), SLYCK WAGNER BROWN, JEEZ, STEVE MACK, BUCK CHYLD, RASCHE BROWN, DAMEON SLUGGA, WILLIE MACK, more wrestlers and finally some hot video vixens including SHAREE “STILTS” (from the VH1 hit TV show Ray J of Love). Plus we can’t forget the UWF staff in the announce team of SHAWN CREDLE, JULIUS SMOKES, and ROBBIE MIRENO, and officials REF D. EDWARDS and JIMMY DYLAN.

This is going to be one action packed hour, without a doubt.