TWA Pro Wrestling sent this out:

Former WWE Women’s Champion Stacy “the Kat” Carter is going green!

Former WWE Women’s Champion Stacy “the Kat” Carter is going green! Stacy still makes wrestling appearances on wrestling shows and at conventions around the world! It is almost a year since Stacy got married to Former WWE Star Kizarny who now wrestles as Sinn Bodhi.

Stacy is a vegetarian now for about 3 years. She is still as beautiful now as she was when she was in the WWE! Stacy contributes this to her excellent nutrition which has brought her better overall health.

Stacy now has her own Melaleuca business. Melalueca specializes in green/eco friendly products. These products are safer for your home and the environment. They are more economical than grocery store brand products due to concentration and they are guaranteed to work better! Their nutritional products are exceptional. Their vitality packs with oligo(tm) have a 90 day money back guarantee. If you don’t feel a marked improvement in your health after 90 days, you will get a full refund.

For more information and to join Stacy “the Kat” Carter in going green, please contact Stacy directly at

The first 20 people to join Stacy in going green will receive a 8 x 10 color autographed photo of Stacy!