The latest edition “Spotlight” interview hosted by Clinton Bowman and Greg McNeish of “The Velvet Room” is now online and streaming on the Wrestleview Radio Network featuring indy women’s wrestler Portia Perez, former SHIMMER Tag Team Champion.

Topics discussed on this new “Spotlight” interview for June 13, 2011 includes:

* Portia’s beginnings and thoughts on Canadian Wrestling.

* Her time in SHIMMER,her first major feud with Cathy “Allison Danger” Corino, the SHIMMER Title Tourney, The Canadian NINJAS and their 692 day title reign, her current feud with Former Straight Edge Society Diva, Serena Deeb.

* Her thoughts on performing more as a character in the Wrestlicious promotion.

* Her International exploits, her debut in NWA Hollywood against Allison Danger and working the face side of the spectrum as opposed to the heel side.

* Who she likes working with and who she wants to work with.

* Her goals in wrestling.

* Some of Portia’s Favorite Things to do in her downtime!

Quote from the interview:

“It won’t be until the end of my career if it would have been a good call or not…the only real hinderance is that I was kind of naive at that age, and wrestling isn’t a good business if you are naive.”
– Portia on starting out in the business at the age of 15.

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