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Ron Simmons Recap
By Nikhil Kalhan

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Jack and OneInchBiceps were joined by legendary former World Champion and multiple time Tag Team Champion Ron Simmons.
Ron Simmons will be appearing at the NWA Fanfest from August 4-7 in Atlanta, GA for more information please visit:

Jack asked what was it like to team with Butch Reed? Ron said it was brilliant, he was a football player as well and he enjoyed it, Teddy Long really made it work and very clever which shows now with his current position. Once Butch was pushed it signaled the end of DOOM. Ron looks forward to being with Teddy at Fanfest, and heard rumors that Butch might make the scene as well.

Jack asked was the APA gimmick as fun as it looked like on Television? Ron Simmons said he had a blast doing it and had such a wonderful time, what made it work was they were both just being themselves.

Jack asked did people complain about the APA being too stiff? Ron said they were complained about all the time, especially new guys who would face APA they were worried and were like Jesus Christ. New guys would see their names backstage having a match with the APA, then they would go up to Ron & JBL and ask them to discuss their matches the APA. They would say no and look forward to it later on that night. Jack asked any stars he liked to get rough with? Ron Simmons said there were a few he would pray for, but didn’t want to mention any names.

OneInchBiceps had a message from the board: SpecSun asked any memories on his tag run with Eddie Gilbert? Ron said he was a great person and unfortunate he was quite small because at the time it was land of the giants. Ron believes Eddie would have made it a lot bigger in the current WWE, where size isn’t as important.

Jack asked Ron Simmons his thoughts on Ole Anderson who will be appearing at the NWA Legends Fanfest (along with Lars Anderson) ? He said he was a very tough guy and praised him and his brothers. Ron says Ole wasn’t a guy he’d hang out with, but he respected his mind for the business.

Dan phoned in and asked if there were any politics when he won the WCW Championship? Ron said it was the highlight of his career, and meant a lot to people then and still today. Ron says it was an important part of wrestling history.

There were no backstage politics and everyone seemed happy, his title shot came out of the blue. Ron said Vadar was a tough opponent to work with. He was the one shaking in his boots when he knew he had to face Vader, he said it took all his strength to get Vader up for moves.

Nikhil phoned in and asked did he enjoy his singles run on Smackdown in 2002? Ron said he enjoyed wrestling as a singles star, but did not have as much fun as a tag team and he could of tag teamed till the very end, and maybe he still could be doing it today.

OneInchBiceps had a message from the board? XtremeFalls asked his thoughts on the Ministry of Darkness? He said he loved doing it and enjoyed working with the Undertaker, as the Acolytes another great time he had during his career.
Jack asked if Ron knew “Damn” would have got over so big and for so long ? Ron said if he knew he 30 years ago, he would have just walked out said Damn and walked back, no going off the top ropes, no doing power moves or lacing up his boots. He loves saying it and no one can say it better than him.
Jack thanked Ron for being on the show. Ron said he has had a great time: he can’t wait for the Fanfest and happy fans have called in from England. He is looking forward to seeing and meeting OneInchBiceps.

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