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Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling Podcast – Brian Kendrick – Episode 46

The Art Of Wrestling Podcast is a peek into the lives of pro wrestlers masterfully hosted by one of their contemporaries, Colt Cabana. Unlike a standard question and answer interview, Cabana chats up his friends to give these podcasts a unique feel.

Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana has Episode #46 with Brian Kendrick is available NOW for FREE at and Itunes

Subjects covered include:
– Brian’s new character & theories in life
– Mindset of past bullies in wrestling locker rooms
– What makes satisfaction in life or success in wrestling
– Describing a cross country drive in order to tour Japan
– Interesting story about Brian’s father abandoning his family
– Finding his original love of wrestling
– Training in Texas with Shawn Michaels
– Life in Memphis wrestling
– Rapping with John Cena
– “Ways” to pass the time when not booked in WWE
– And much much more….

Past guests include CM Punk, X-Pac, Christopher Daniels & Evan Bourne with a new, free weekly podcast available at and on iTunes available every Thursday.

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