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Sean “X-Pac” Waltman posted a new blog on his website,, earlier today, entitled “Foley Isn’t Good…Foley Is Great”. X-Pac praises Mick Foley for the recent work he’s doing with RAINN and opens up a lot about his own experiences with repeated sexual abuse from his childhood. “It took me until I was in my late 20′s to finally come out and tell my family and the authorities what happened. I had pretty much blocked the experiences from my memory until I moved my family to Florida, where I grew up & this all happened, and this guy tried coming around. I freaked out as I remembered everything that happened & that this guy would be around my own children. By this time who knows how many other children were exposed to him. That thought alone filled me with guilt”.

X-Pac recalled a WWE memory with Mick Foley: “One time while I was out for several months with a neck injury, I was watching RAW & Mick was doing an in ring promo & for no apparent reason said something to the effect that basically no one cared about me. It really hurt my feelings coming from Mick & I remember thinking to myself “Gee, thanks Mick. What did that do to further business?” I can’t remember the exact words & they’re not important. What is important is that RAW had barely gone off the air before I got a call from Mick. He was so apologetic & I could tell he felt terrible about it. The thing is that by that time, I had figured out what Mick confirmed. The line was fed to him, along with a bunch of other lines, by my good buddy (sarcasm) & head writer Brian Gewertz. I told him I had already figured that out & I really appreciated how classy he was in calling me like that”.

TNA was under quite a bit of criticism during Sean’s latest column as he took them to task for letting go of Mick Foley. “That company has shown Mick Foley no respect in my opinion and are totally unworthy of even having him associated with them. I promise 100 times more people know who Mick Foley is than have ever heard of TNA. Oh, I mean “Impact Wrestling”….Keep shitting on your fan base and your talent TNA. You don’t deserve Mick Foley, or a lot of the other great guys you have there & one day you will simply exist in WWE’s vast tape library”.