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Ultimate Warrior to Hulk Hogan — I STILL Hate You

The Ultimate Warrior is PICKING A BRAND NEW FIGHT with Hulk Hogan — and honestly … we can’t seem to figure out why.

Warrior just uploaded a couple of new bizarre, ranting videos to YouTube … trashing Hogan — aka Terry Bollea — for allegedly being rude to Warrior fans on various social networking sites recently … we think.

One of the videos features Warrior in his gym — all fired up — telling Hogan he was hoping Hulk would welcome Warrior back into his life with a hug or “one of those womanly handshakes” … but he seems upset that Hulk continues to ignore him.

For the record, Hulk and Warrior haven’t faced off in the ring since 1998 … and Hogan won. Bitter?

But Warrior still has heart — in fact, last we heard from him, he was all choked up over Macho Man’s death.

UPDATE: Hulk responded on Twitter — saying, “Don’t worry about the warrior he had his chance and couldn’t perform right anyways. Trying to get his one last shot.”