The latest edition of the “Friday Fishbowl” for Friday, June 3, 2011 is now archived and airing exclusively on the Wrestleview Radio Network with host Adam Martin (Editor in Chief of and Chris Petta.

Questions answered on this week’s edition of the Friday Fishbowl for June 3, 2011:

Question #1: (Submitted by Frank aka Omegabyss)
Do you think people that would hail the Attitude Era as the best thing since slice bread love it so much because it was their first exposure to the near naked women?

Question #2: (Submitted by Turf from Chicago)
In light (or in darkness) of the passing of Macho Man Randy Savage, will WWE programming now admit Savage into the Hall of Fame now? (most likely, I want to say yes since he is on that same legendary level that Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant are on) Also, are you now more likely to go play WWE allstars now just to play as Macho Man 🙂 P.S. I know of your “hatred” of video games.

Question #3: (Submitted by Dane from Down Under)
Taking nothing away from them, who do you think personally has the toughest jobs (outside of the performers and the writers) in the WWE:
1) Agents
2) Production crew
3) Ring & set-up crew