The latest edition of the “WrestleView Conference Call” for Saturday, August 29, 2010 is now archived and airing exclusively on the Wrestleview Radio Network with host Adam Martin.

On the program this month and making his return to the “Conference Call” is Brian Fritz, host of “Between the Ropes” radio ( and a writer for AOL Fanhouse.

Topics discussed on this program:

* Brian talks about hosting “Between the Ropes” radio for the last 12 years on ESPN Radio in Orlando.
* If he is a fan of the format of including Mixed Martial Arts discussion with pro wrestling on shows.
* How he started his new gig with AOL Fanhouse and some of the changes that are in store soon.
* His thoughts on attending the TNA Hardcore Justice PPV live and sitting next to Dixie Carter.
* If he feels any pressure to not be overly critical of TNA since he is on the air in Orlando.
* A funny story regarding the TNA press conference earlier this year about the move to Monday.
* Discussion on if WWE needs to ditch the Pay Per View format with buyrates still declining.
* Thoughts on the big angle of the summer involving The Nexus invading WWE Monday Night Raw.
* More on Paul Heyman’s talks with TNA and if Heyman really is the answer to fix TNA’s problems.
* His thoughts on where he sees pro wrestling talk radio going with technology advancing.
* Discussion on what is great and what is embarassing about wrestling radio on the internet.
* And so much more on this VIP exclusive only show!

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