Roy Sutherland passed on a link to an article where ABC News is examining the death of Chris Benoit in a new series called “Secrets of the Mind: Why We Do What We Do.” Chairman of WVU’s Department of Neurosurgery, Doctor Julian Bailes, is quoted in the article noting that Benoit’s brain was sent to WVU for examination.

Bailes added, “While homicidal behavior is not typical, we believe it is possible, certainly suicide is very common with CTE as an end result. When he (Benoit) killed his wife and son and committed suicide in Atlanta, his father who lives in Canada had his brain sent here to WVU for us to study it. It’s no longer the mindset that a concussion is a mild injury and that it’s not just the brain not working right. There can be, in certain cases, actual brain damage.”

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The Secrets Of The Mind