As we reported earlier today, the Sean Davis/Milton Wilpon wrestling project in Florida (which is known officially as Worldwide Wrestling Promotions, Inc.) sent out a letter to its front office indicating that payroll wouldn’t be starting until January. Some staff has reportedly already been working for months and were slated to start getting paid in September.

Here is a full copy of the letter courtesy of The Wrestling Observer:

“Well we have hit more than our fair share of bumps recently. To be honest, there are many forces in the wrestling business doing whatever they can to sabotage everything we are trying to do and doing everything in their power to make sure that this company will never launch. This is a tough process and those working with us on the financial side realize know that there were mistakes made in setting things up and in order to guarantee that this company will not be one of the countless entities that have come out with a bang and have fizzled and burnt out before ever really leaving the ground, we have had to make some painful decisions that we are not at all happy about. We do not as of today have a firm date. That unfortunately means that contracts will have to be changed to a new starting date. On the positive side of things we did sign a major deal this week that I am going to be able to give you the details on very soon along with hopefully the news of an even bigger deal that will put us in a very advantageous position to launch our product.”

Anyone who signed contracts with the company will be given addendum’s to their deals to sign. Those who signed months ago were promised extra shares of stock. Plus, the new contracts will supposedly give details on the company’s health and benefits plan – something WWE and TNA do not provide to talent when they sign deals with the company.