For immediate release

August 24, 2010


Four hours worth of conversation is enough for most people. It’s hard to think of something in the average person’s life that they wouldn’t be able to address in four hours time.

What about Sprite addiction, a Dairy Queen outburst, groupies and terroristic threats? Well, Jim Cornette failed to address those and two and half hours worth of other material in his first “YouShoot” disc, released earlier this year. Thus, “YouShoot: Jim Cornette – The Lost Questions,” which was released today at

Cornette sat down again for an edition of the wildly popular shoot-DVD series produced by Kayfabe Commentaries, in an effort to get to the questions that were omitted from the first edition of the show. This edition deals with the topics on the outskirts of the pro wrestling business, whereas the first “YouShoot: Cornette” dealt with the federations he worked for throughout his career.

The trademark “YouShoot” games are here, as Cornette participates in “What’s in the Bag?” and also “The Sprite Challenge.” Also since his last edition, Cornette has gotten into some much publicized legal wranglings with TNA. Of course, Cornette is at no loss for words on this topic in the current edition of the series.

The DVD went onsale today at