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Tonight on Right After Wrestling, hosts Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas were joined by “The Genius” Lanny Poffo and Charlie Haas. Highlights:


– Why ROH and not TNA, did Charlie ever speak with TNA?
– Re-teaming with Shelton Benjamin and if that was a deal break for ROH
– His response to Colt Cabana’s comments on Right After Wrestling that Haas/Benjamin can’t keep up with the KoW
– His workout regiment and how he keeps up his cardio
– His memories of Lance Cade and Umaga:

Interview Excerpt:
HAAS: “I was a pall bearer at (Lance)’s funeral. It’s been a rough year for me. The two people who were with me when we found my brother dead were Umaga and Lance Cade. They were with me on December 14, 2001 when we found Russ dead in his apartment. Now I look at that as both of those gone in six months, my two best friends. It sucks.”

SHOW PODCAST (including live Haas interview):


– The progress of the next generation wrestlers, are they at the same level of the talent of yesteryear?
– What the stars of today have that is hurting their development
– Are there any story lines left to cover in wrestling or has everything truly been done?
– A revealing story about using steroids before becoming “The Genius” to make himself look better on NBC against Hogan, and stopping due to testicular atrophy.
– Denying his sexuality on screen while playing a heel, comparing the Genius character to Adrian Adonis and bringing to light the late wrestler’s abusive relationship with substance.
– His current relationship with his brother Randy Savage and being the best man at Randy’s wedding
– A blunt conversation about Randy Savage and whether he will ever be in the Hall of Fame, and the “rumors” that surround Randy Savage, the WWE and why they have “heat”

Interview Excerpt:
POFFO: “Without a shadow of doubt, Randy would accept an invite to the Hall of Fame. But I think he would do something else. He would barter to get my father (Angelo Poffo) in there. That would be the classy thing to do. If the WWE asked my brother, I absolutely think he would say yes. He’s in a different place now that he has married Lynn.”


Also, if you’re looking for a lighter video, a video involving Chris Jericho and Don Callis and an inside joke they share:

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