This week on “The Teacher’s Lounge” hosts David Stephens (RAW Recapper, “That’s a Wrap”) and “Mr. V” Anthony Valvo (“From the Desk of Mr. V”, ROH Recapper) sat down with ROH star Colt Cabana to discuss both his career and the current happenings in the world of professional wrestling.

Topics discussed include: Bryan Danielson’s return to the WWE, advice for wrestlers like Tyler Black who sign developmental deals, the challenge of staying in touch with friends in and out of the WWE, PWG, booking styles of Gabe Sapolsky v. Adam Pierce and his outlook for the future under Delirious’ reign as booker, TMZ, Colt’s stance on enhancement talent and Santino Marella, the importance of wrestling for the fans and not the critics, plus word association and more in this 30+ minute interview!

Also on the show:

* News of the Week Including: Tiffany’s suspension, Eric Bischoff’s thoughts on the wrestling media, CZW, Dreamer’s declaration of no more ECW nostalgia shows, RVD’s time off, EV2.0’s future, Daniel Bryan’s return, WWE’s new Tag Team belts, NXT eliminations, Jim Cornette’s comments on MMA!

* Plus, Detentions, Title-Job-Fire, Goldstars, E-Mails sent to and 3 Things We Learned Today.

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