Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors
Las Vegas, Nevada (Thomas & Mack Center)
August 20, 2010
Commentators: Nigel Sherrod & Lalo Gonzalez
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

“Masked Warriors” opens up with clips from the last few weeks highlighting the drama between Rebecca Reyes and Pequeno Halloween (including a slow motion replay of Halloween slapping Rebecca’s beautiful backside). We then cut to a vignette of some Elvis Presley look alike at a wedding alter in Las Vegas. Pequeno Halloween is the groom with Neutronic as his best man (naturally) and a very curvy young lady (take one guess who that is) looking woozy but with a vale over her face. Chi Chi and some guy with a purple mask are surrounding her. When the Elvis lookalike asks Rebecca if she takes Halloween as her husband she answers with “yeah, I’ll have another shot…” and then when he asks again Chi Chi mimes “I do.” Halloween removes the vale and Rebecca’s face is actually painted like Pequeno Halloween.

We cut to ringside where Lalo & Nigel hype the card for tonight which will feature the PR Powers against Magno & Mascara Purpura in a Tag Titles Tournament match and in the Main Event Charly Manson goes one-on-one with RelliK in a Hardcore Match.

We cut to the ring where RJ Brewer is complaining about Magno beating him. He says anybody can get lucky 2 times and the announcers say he’s mad the 6-sided ring is back. Brewer says he’s going to show everyone in this immigrant infested state and at home that he is the superior athlete between he and Magno. He tells Magno to get out there now so he can give him a one-way ticket back to Mexico.

Magno walks out and says he would love to come out there and beat Brewer for the third time but he’s already booked in a match tonight, but he’s got one of his buddies that’s looking for a match tonight too if Brewer really wants one. Brewer says that now everybody knows that he’s a coward as well as lucky. Brewer agrees to face one of Magno’s “people.” Magno says that he warned brewer and then “I Luv I” by Young Jeezy hits and Mascarita Dorada walks out!

Mascarita Dorada vs. RJ Brewer

Brewer gets down on his knees to mock Dorada and then locks up with Dorada on his knees. He flings Dorada back and taunts him more. Dorada then starts kicking away at Brewer and then he chops him. Brewer gets back and gets to his feet. He goes for a running clothesline but Dorada ducks underneath it and then slides through Brewer’s legs as well as he turns around. Dorada then points up in the sky and Brewer falls for it which allows Dorada to jump up and chop him in the chest again. Dorada then avoids a Running Mafia Kick from Brewer and Brewer gets hump in the ropes. Dorada then kicks Brewer’s legs and covers him for a one count but Brewer flings him off. Dorada tries to slide underneath Brewer’s legs again but this time Brewer catches him and throws him into the corner. Brewer shoves Dorada into the corner again and then picks Dorada up by his leg and flings him across the ring. Brewer picks Dorada up and swings him around the ring by his neck and then kicks him as he sets him back on the mat. Brewer goes for a Running Kick again but this time Dorada catches his foot and spins him around. Dorada actually lifts Brewer up onto his shoulders! Dorada hits a Fireman’s Cary Slam and then a Double Foot Stomp followed by a Seated Dropkick! Dorada goes to the apron and goes for a Springboard Cross Body but Brewer catches him! Brewer then laughs and starts rocking Dorada like a baby taunting him. Brewer then puts Dorada up on the top rope and pats him on the head and then smacks him off the top rope down to the floor! Dorada climbs back up to the top rope as Brewer taunted the crowd! Dorada dives off the top with a Diving Hurricanrana! Dorada follows up with the Spinning Head Scissors Takeover! Dorada hits a dropkick that sends Brewer out to the floor. Dorada then hits a Springboard Plancha off the top onto Brewer which causes Brewer to fall back into the guardrail! Dorada kicks Brewer and then he drags Brewer back into the ring. Dorada climbs up top as the referee checks on Brewer. Some chick comes out of the crowd and shoves Dorada off the top! Brewer then covers Dorada and gets the pin!

Winner: Brewer via pinfall (white girl shoving Dorada off the top)

——————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

Back from commercials Nigel and Lalo talk about what just went down and then they show the brackets for the Tag Tourney. The winners of the Tag Titles Match tonight will face Lizmark Jr. and Sydistiko in the Semifinals.

We cut to the back where Rebecca Reyes is supposed to be with Octagoncito but Octagon is all alone. He looks around for Rebecca but she’s nowhere to be found.

We then cut to footage of Marco Corleone doing radio interviews promoting LL-USA and Lizmark Jr. calls into the interview. Lizmark asks Marco why he isn’t at the hospital with his boy, Solid, instead of doing a radio interview. Marco calls Lizmark a coward and asks why Lizmark isn’t with his boy Sydistiko in the hospital. Lizmark says Marco shouldn’t worry about that because when they’re done with Super Nova, Marco will be all alone against Treachery. Lizmark says Marco has stolen everything from him and now it’s time for Lizmark to get revenge, but Marco says all Lizmark ever does is talk. Lizmark tells Marco to watch his back.

In the back Brewer and the blonde girl are celebrating what happened. She says ‘daddy’ will be happy and then says she wants to leave before she catches something from ‘these people’ and then they leave the arena. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be Brewer’s sister or his girlfriend.

——————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

LL-USA Tag Team Titles Tournament
Quarterfinals Match
The PR Powers vs. Magno & Mascara Purpura

El Oriental, Tinieblas Jr., and Neutronic walk out before the match and sit down at ringside. They attacked the PR Powers last week. PR Flyer and Magno start the match out. They lockup in the center of the ring and Flyer nails Magno with an armdrag and then he sweeps Magno’s legs and gets a nearfall. Magno answers back with a leg sweep of his own for a nearfall. Oriental is signing some autographs at ringside. Magno locks Flyer in a Waistlock but Flyer gets to the ropes and then hits Magno with a back elbow. Flyer backs up and Magno uses his legs to Monkey Flip Flyer (by the back) but Flyer does a full backflip and lands on his feet! Magno shoves Flyer and then springboards off the top rope with a Moonsault but Flyer moves out of the way and Magno lands on his feet. Flyer hits the ropes and hits a Wheelbarrow Armdrag! Flyer tosses Magno into the corner and tags San Juan Kid in. They whip Magno into another corner and then take turns kicking Magno. Then they double Back Kick Magno in the gut. SJK whips Magno into the ropes and Purpura blind tags Magno! SJK goes for a clothesline on Magno but Magno ducks and Purpura nails SJK with a forearm. Purpura hits a nice Slingshot Corkscrew Splash on SJK for a nearfall. Purpura attempts to whip SJK into the ropes but he reverses it and Purpura attempts a Springboard Moonsault, but SJK moves out of the way and Purpura lands on his feet. Purpura then goes for a Leg Sweep but SJK tumbles over his kick. SJK then backflips into a Head Scissors Takeover on Purpura! Purpura charges at SJK but he sweeps the legs of Purpura and then hits an insane Standing Reverse 450 Splash! Damn that guy is insanely athletic! 1…2…NO Purpura kicks out! Purpura answers back with a Leaping Enziguri. Purpura whips SJK into the corner and then hits a Corner Splash. Purpura hits another Corner Splash and then tags in Magno. Magno beats on SJK in the corner with stiff chops and then he hits a Scoop Slam in the center of the ring. Magno whips SJK into the ropes and hits a Gorilla Press into a Powerslam! Magno follows up with a Sliding Dropkick for a nearfall. Magno picks SJK up and whips him into the corner. Magno then charges but SJK nails him with a back elbow and then goes for a Moonsault off the middle rope, but Magno catches him in midair! Magno goes for another Powerslam but SJK reverses into an arm drag! SJK then hits a dropkick and tags in Flyer! Flyer hits Magno with a Running Forearm and then he attempts to whip Magno into the corner, but Magno reverses it. Flyer tries to float up and over a charging Magno but Magno catches him by the feet. Flyer counters into a head scissors takeover! Flyer hits the ropes but Magno catches him with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker! Magno tags Purpura in and he kicks Flyer and then hits a Double Underhook Backbreaker! 1…2…NO Flyer kicks out! Purpura whips Flyer into the corner and then charges with a Splash attempt but Flyer gets out of the way! Flyer tags in SJK! SJK dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body on Purpura! SJK then hits a Springboard Dropkick, 1…2…NO Magno breaks it up! Flyer comes in and nails Magno with a series of forearms. Flyer whips Magno into the ropes but Magno holds onto the ropes. Flyer then charges at him but Magno backdrops Flyer over the top rope to the apron. He lands on his feet but then Magno hits him with a Leaping Enziguri that knocks Flyer off the apron! Magno then hits a gorgeous Corkscrew Plancha over the top onto Flyer! In the ring Purpura backdrops SJK over the top rope onto the apron. SJK lands on his feet and then nails Purpura with a forearm and then slams Purpura’s head into the top turnbuckle. SJK climbs to the top but Purpura answers back with chops on SJK. Purpura climbs up with SJK but SJK knocks him off the top. Magno and Flyer climb back into the ring. Magno goes for a clothesline on Flyer but he ducks and then they clothesline each other! SJK is still up top and he hits the Spiral Tap (actually he over shot Magno a little and barely made contact) on Magno! 1…2…3 and the Powers get the win!

Winners: PR Powers via pinfall (Spiral Tap)

——————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

Back from commercial PR Powers are still celebrating their win as the rudo faction of Oriental, Tinieblas, and Neutronic look on. They pick up their chairs and then act like they’re going to get in the ring, but PR Flyer cuts them off. Flyer says they talk about respect all the time but they jump the Powers in the back last week. He says they talked to the commissioner and next week Neutronic, Tinieblas, and Oriental will be facing PR Powers and Carlito Colon!

We cut to Rebecca Reyes waking up n her hotel room (still with Halloween facepaint on) and then she walks into the bathroom and sees the facepaint. She freaks out and then sees the ring and freaks out some more. Halloween walks in and she screams some more.

——————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

A video package highlighting Malice and Rellik’s feud airs.

——————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

Main Event
Hardcore Match
RelliK vs. Charly Malice

The match kicks off with RelliK spitting his red mist into the air and then kicking Malice. RelliK beats on Malice and then bites him. RelliK chops Malice and then puts the boots to him in the corner. RelliK whips Malice into the ropes and then charges at him but Malice drops down and RelliK goes spilling through the ropes and out to the floor. Malice hits a Tope Suicida through the ropes onto RelliK on the floor! Malice tries to whip RelliK into the guardrail but Malice reverses it. RelliK tosses Malice into the crowd and we see a lot of empty seats out there. RelliK beats Malice around the fans and then Atomic Drops Malice onto a chair! RelliK tries to whip Malice into some chairs but Malice reverses it sending RelliK into the chairs! Malice nails Rellik with another chair and then tosses him back over the guardrail to ringside and then back into the ring. Malice looks under the ring and pulls out another chair. He tosses it into the ring and then grabs another chair and tosses it in. Malice pulls out a trashcan full of weapons and climbs into the ring with the weapons. RelliK stops Malice on the apron and then hits a Hanging Roll of the Dice as he hat Malice hanging on the top rope! RelliK whips Malice into the corner and charges but Malice gets out of the way and RelliK nails his shoulder on the post. Malice puts the chair between RelliK’s legs and then nails the chair with another chair sending it into RelliK’s jewels! Malice puts one of the chairs on top of RelliK and starts hitting the chair with a broomstick! Malice climbs up top and dives off but RelliK tosses the chair into Malice’s face! RelliK puts the chair between Malice’s legs now and RelliK pays him back! RelliK then picks Malice up and the two exchange right hands in the center of the ring. RelliK puts a boot in Malice’s gut and then hits a Scoop Slam. RelliK grabs a trashcan and nails Malice with it and climbs to the top rope. Malice grabs the trashcan and hits RelliK with it! Malice climbs up top with RelliK and knocks him off the top. Malice prepares for a dive but RelliK sits up and this startles Malice causing him to fall off the top. Malice looks on like this shocked him. Malice then nails RelliK in the head twice (unprotected) with chair shots and neither lays RelliK out! Malice goes for a third shot but RelliK ducks and then hits a Superkick sending the chair back into Malice’s face! RelliK grabs the chair and sets it up in the corner and then he whips Malice into that corner, but Malice was able to put the breaks on before he hit the chair! RelliK charges at Malice but Malice sidesteps him and RelliK goes headfirst into the chair! Malice follows up with the Skayde Slam and then he locks in the Malicious Intent (Reverse Figure Four) or El Pozo (The Well) as it’s known as in Mexico! RelliK fights the hold but finally has to tap out!

Winner: Malice via submission (Malicious Intent)

Final Thoughts

Much better this week but still some complaints from here. I like that we are getting some storylines furthered (RelliK and Malice, Treachery and Marco, Brewer and Magno, etc.) but they still have so many storyline gaps that it’s like they think the fans should just know this stuff. Like what is Lizmark talking about when he says Marco took everything him (hopefully they will at least touch on this later) and what is Marco talking about when he says they put Sydistiko in the hospital? Nothing else was said about it. Also, the commentary is getting better actually as Lalo is laying the rudo announcer thing on as heavy as he was the first few weeks. The audio in the crowd was still awful tonight, that has got to be fixed.

The opener was a fun little entertaining match between Brewer and Dorada.

All the vignettes were cheesy (especially the Marco one) but at least Pequeno Halloween is funny.

The Tag Team match was GREAT but that botch at the end of the finish really hurt, but really a fun match.

Main Event was okay but nothing too hardcore but Malice was able to pull a decent match out of RelliK. I’m looking forward to seeing Carlito next week. It’s a good thing they are hyping this before the show.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Pequeno Halloween marries Rebecca
Match of the Night: Tag Match (***)
Overall Grade: B –

Scheduled for Next Week:
-PR Powers & Carlito Colon vs. Tinieblas Jr., El Oriental, & Neutronic