Phil Strum interviewed Jake Roberts on a plethora of topics.

On what he is currently doing: Whatever I want. Basically, a few matches here and there. I still like to wrestle. This is my last year I’m doing it. I’m going to step out. I dread it. I dread walking away from it. I don’t think I’ll ever be completely away from it.

On whom he learned from: Buck Robley, Bob Sweetan, Eddie Graham and even Bill Watts. I can admit it. He taught me a lot.

Relationship with WWE: It’s all good. How could it not be? They were kind enough and I was fortunate enough to go to rehab. Extensive rehab. Four months. It helped immensely.

Who impresses him today: I like Randy Orton a lot. I think Ted DiBiase’s got a lot going for him. There’s others.