Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors
Las Vegas, Nevada (Thomas & Mack Center)
August 13, 2010
Commentators: Nigel Sherrod & Lalo Gonzalez
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

This week’s “Masked Warriors” kicks off with clips from the last few weeks’ shows. We then cut to the arena where someone brings Treachery a letter from the Lucha Libre USA Commissioner. Lizmark Jr. reads it and laughs and then shuts the door on us.

6-sided ring this week!

Captains Fall Trios Match
Neutronic (Captain), Medianoche, & Pequeno Halloween vs. Marco “Air” Corleone (Captain), Super Nova, & Octagoncito

Not sure who in the world Medianoche is. He wears a robe to the ring and wears purple and black tights and mask. Halloween jumps on Marco’s back at the bell but Marco flings him off. The camera angles look a lot different this week. As Marco poses for the fans Neutronic & Media run in an djump Marco. The rudos whip Marco into the corner but Marco leaps to the top and dives off with the Air Corleone onto all the rudos! Nova comes in and hits a Hurricanrana on Media and Octagoncito nails Halloween with an armdrag. Halloween then goes for a clothesline but Octagon ducks and then flings Halloween underneath the ropes and Halloween slides down to the floor. Nova and Octaton dive together to the outside onto Media & Halloween! Nova with a somersault plancha onto Media and Octagon with a tope con giro onto Halloween! Marco calls for Air Corleone but Neutronic cuts him off with a dropkick. Neutron rolls Marco out to the floor and then the rest of the rudos come in. Nova comes in and nails Halloween with a dropkick but then eats one from Media. Media’s mask looks a lot like an old school Rey Misterio mask. Neutron whips Nova into the ropes and then lifts him up in a Wheel Barrow and drops him down onto a Lung Blower from Halloween! They hold Nova over Halloween’s knees and Media dives off the top with a Springboard Splash! Marco comes in with huge left hands on Media and Neutron! Halloween dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body but Marco catches him in midair! Neutron and Media then nail Marco with double leg kicks. The rudos whip Marco into the corner and then Media nails him with a Running Clothesline. Media drops down on all fours and Halloween leaps off his back but Marco catches him again! Marco sits him down over the ropes onto the apron and then levels him with a left hand. Neutron then nails Marco with a Springboard Dropkick that sends Marco out to the floor. Nova comes in and trades chops with Neutron. Neutron shoves Nova into the ropes and then hits the ropes on the opposite side but eats a dropkick from Nova! Neutron crashes out to the floor and then Nova fakes out with a Neutronic as he thought Nova was going to dive but he just back handsprings off the ropes and tags Octagon in. Octagon climbs up top but slips off as Halloween was charging in. Halloween grabs Octagon and nails him with a chop and then calls for the rest of the rudos. They whip Octagon into the corner and then Halloween hits the ropes to get some extra momentum as he was going to nail Octagon in the corner but from the outside Marco pulls down the middle rope causing Halloween to go crashing to the floor! Nova dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body onto Neutron & Media! Nova then lifts Octagon up into the air and Octagon nails hits a Hurricanrana on Media! Nova hits an arm drag on Neutron that sends him out to the floor. Marco comes into the ring with the rest of the tecnicos as the rudos are trying to regroup on the floor. Marco dives over the top with Air Corleone onto Neutron & Media but Halloween was able to get out of the way. Halloween climbs into the ring but Octagon hits him with a Diving Hurricanrana off the top! Octagon then follows up with a Spinning Head Scissors Takeover and then he rolls Halloween up with the La Magistral Cradle! 1…NO Halloween immediately kicks out. Halloween comes back with an uppercut on Octagon and then he hits a crazy modified Jawbreaker where he had Octagon up on his back that he calls the Trick or Treat. 1…2…3 and Halloween gets the pin. Remember, Octagoncito is not the team captain so the rudos still have to pin Nova to get the win or pin the captain Marco. Nova dives off the top with a Splash on Halloween but then Media pulls Halloween out of the ring. Media with a Sunset Flip on Nova but only gets a one count. Nova counters into a rollup of his own but only gets a two count as well. Nova hits a hurricanrana, 1…2…3! So now it’s evened up. Marco and Neutron are in the ring now. Neutron goes for a clothesline but Marco sidesteps him and Neutron nails the turnbuckles. Marco then whips Neutron into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Neutron kicks him in the head. Neutron then hits the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Marco ducks it and counters into the Mark of Excellence (Back Suplex Side Slam)! 1…2…3 and the tecnicos get the win!

Winners: Marco Corleone, Super Nova, & Octagoncito

——————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Back from the break highlights of the previous match air.

In the back Rebecca Reyes asks Octagoncito if he knows what was in the letter that Treachery received but he just walks off. Pequeno Halloween then walks up and flirts with Rebecca but she calls him a pig in Spanish. Her phone rings and she complains about Halloween to her friend. Her friend wants to go out drinking with her. We cut to a shot of Pequeno Halloween listening in on the conversation and he smiles.

We finally are getting brackets for the LL-USA Heavyweight Title Tournament, but they’re still incomplete. We will learn who Charly Malice’s opponent in the Semifinals will be.

In the back Marco is complaining about Solid not being out there for his match. Solid says he had to talk to the Commissioner about something and he’s facing Lizmark Jr. in the Heavyweight Title Tournament tonight (that was what was in the letter). Marco says he’s going to slaughter Solid but Solid says everyone is banned from ringside so Marco says that’s even better now he’s going to slaughter Solid even worse. Solid says he has to handle it on his own but Marco says again that Lizmark will slaughter him. That match is going to be ugly.

——————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

LL-USA Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarterfinals
Lizmark Jr. vs. Solid

In the back we see a shot of Marco watching the match as the entrances are being made. Solid is actually wearing trunks, not a pretty sight. Solid bum rushes Lizmark into the corner and nails him with repeated shoulder blocks. Lizmark fights Solid off with clubs to the back and then he kicks away at Solid. Lizmark lights Solid up with chops in the corner and then he actually lifts Solid up for a Vertical Suplex. Lizmark covers Solid and gets a nearfall before pulling Solid up before the 3. Lizmark then hits a Leg Drop and pulls Solid up before the 3 count again. In the back Marco is coming toward the ring. Lizmark picks Solid up and nails him with a chop and then he tries to whip Solid into the corner but Solid reverses it. Solid then charges but eats a back elbow from Lizmakr. Lizmark nails Solid with a DDT and gets the pin.

Winner: Lizmark Jr. via pinfall (DDT)

After the match Lizmark continues to beat on Solid with stomps and a series of Leg Drops. We then cut to the stage where Pequeno Halloween, Tinieblas Jr., Neutronic, and RelliK are beating on Marco as well! Treachery holds Marco and makes him watch as Lizmark continues to beat on Solid. Super Nova runs out to help Marco. EMT’s are out now to stretcher Solid out. Marco breaks away from Treachery and checks on Solid in the ring. Treachery laughs at Marco as they leave the ring.

——————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Back from commercials clips from the previous match are shown. We cut to Solid being taken to an Ambulance. We then cut to RelliK tossing Charly Malice into an equipment case. RelliK tries to push another case into Malice but he avoids it. Malice comes back on RelliK and tosses him into a spare guardrail nearby. Malice then hits RelliK with a garbage can and then he tries to Piledrive RelliK on the concrete but RelliK backdrops him onto some crates that were nearby. The whole time RelliK is repeating “CHAAARLY” as he beats on him. RelliK picks up a chair and blasts Charly with it repeatedly.

Rebecca Reyes approaches Marco Corleone and asks him about what just happened. Marco says Solid didn’t deserve what happened and he feels like it was his fault. Marco says he and Lizmark have been feuding for years but tonight Lizmark crossed a line and in his world what goes around comes around. Marco says when he gets Lizmark in the ring he’s going to cross that same line and send Lizmark to the same place Lizmark sent Solid, to the hospital.

The updated brackets are shown, Malice will face Lizmark Jr. in the Semifinals and Marco will face the winner of the final Quarterfinals match.

In the back Treachery approaches the PR Powers. Oriental suggests they be “homies” because the Powers are supposedly down with Mexicans and then he offers them a handshake but Treachery jumps them and beats them down.

——————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

A video package highlighting Mini Park and Tigresa’s history is shown.

——————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Main Event
Mini Park & Amazing Kong vs. Chi Chi & Tigresa Caliente

Chi Chi and Park will start the match off. They lockup and Chi Chi hits him with a hip toss and gets a one count. Park comes back with a hip toss of his own that knocks Chi Chi’s wig off. Park gets a one count and then Chi Chi sweeps Park’s leg and gets a nearfall of his own. Park then sweeps Chi Chi’s legs and gets a nearfall as well. They stare each other down now. Tigresa comes from behind Park and nails him in the head. She then holds Park for Chi Chi but Park kicks Chi Chi and then hits Tigresa with a back elbow. Chi Chi then kick Park back and whips him into the ropes. Tigresa steps in and leapfrogs Park twice and then avoids a Springboard Moonsault from Park. Park lands on his feet and hits Tigresa with a dropkick. Chi Chi comes from behind and attacks Park. Chi Chi whips Park into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Park ducks and then comes off the ropes with a hurricanrana. Chi Chi rolls out to the floor and Tigresa comes in and Park tags in Kong! Tigresa stops dead in her tracks and then hits the ropes and goes for a shoulder block but Kong just shrugs her off. Caliente goes for another one but again Kong doesn’t budge. Finally Tigresa goes for a third shoulder block but this time Kong sends Tigresa flying with a Shoulder Block of her own. Chi Chi comes in and attacks Kong as Tigresa rolls out. Chi Chi attempts to whip Kong into the ropes but Kong reverses it and lays Kong out with a Chest Bump. Kong hits the ropes and hits an Amazing Splash! 1…2…NO Chi Chi kicks out. Park tags back in and he climbs to the top and hits a Missile Dropkick on Chi Chi! Park nails Chi Chi with chops and then tries to whip Chi Chi into the ropes but Chi Chi reveres it and hits Park with a clothesline. 1…2..NO Park kicks out. Chi Chi whips Park into the ropes and Tigresa trips him and pulls him out to the floor. Tigresa nails Park with Forearms and then throws him into the ring post. Tigresa rolls Park back into the ring and Chi Chi whips him into the ropes. Park goes for a Spinning Head Scissors but Chi Chi counters with the Glitter Buster. 1…2…NO Park kicks out. Chi Chi whips Park into the ropes and Tigresa comes in with a Big Boot. 1…2…NO Park kicks out again! Tigresa hits an Inverted Stomp Facebreaker on Park and then holds Chi Chi so he can put the boots to Park. Chi Chi hits a Snap Suplex on Park and gets another nearfall. Chi Chi then hits a Brainbuster and gets another nearfall. Chi Chi hits the Sparkling Lights Suplex and gets yet another nearfall. Tigresa comes in and holds Park so Chi Chi can kiss him but Park shoves him away. Park then shoves Tigresa into the 2nd kiss attempt from Chi Chi and they both freak out. Tigresa slaps Chi Chi and then Park hits a dropkick to Tigresa. Chi Chi whips Park into the corner and charges but Park gets a boot up. Park climbs up top and hits a big Tornado DDT! Park tags in Kong and Kong nails Tigresa and Chi Chi with clotheslines. Kong grabs Tigresa and sets up for the Amazing Bomb but Chi Chi cuts her off. Tigresa and Chi Chi whip Kong into the ropes and they go for a Double Clothesline but Kong breaks through it and hits a double clothesline on them! Kong picks Chi Chi up and goes for the Amazing Bomb but Chi Chi crawls under her legs and kicks her. Chi Chi then whips Kong into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Kong catches his arm and counters him into the Implant Buster! Park climbs up top and hits a Diving Moonsault! 1…2…3!

Winners: Park & Kong via pinfall (Moonsault)

Kong and Tigresa continue to brawl at ringside after the match.

Final Thoughts

Tonight’s show took a dip from last weeks. Lots of problems. First, the camera angles were different and just kind of off. Plus, either the audio was really bad as well or the crowd sucked extremely bad because they were almost silent and it came off really bad.

The opener was a fun little trios match with everybody working hard.

Solid and Lizmark was as bad as expected but it did further the storyline. Solid is just flat out useless. It looks like Treacery has swelled to Lizmark Jr., Tinieblas Jr., Neutronic, El Oriental, Pequeno Halloween, and RelliK. Sydistiko is also a member but supposedly TJP left the promotion so I don’t know what the future holds for that character. Marco’s promo was pretty bad, he just isn’t very good on the microphone at all.

The minis skits continue to be funny.

The Main Event was pretty bad. Park is solid and Kong is awesome but Chi Chi isn’t even an entertaining exotico and Rhaka Khan (Tigresa) has gotten no less sh!tty since she was in TNA. Kong really needs someone better to work with and there are plenty of great girls out there on the INDY scene or in Mexico for them to bring in for Kong.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Treachery destroying Solid
Match of the Night: Trios (**1/2)
Overall Grade: D +

Scheduled for Next Week:
-LL-USA Tag Team Titles Tournament: PR Powers vs. Mascara Purpura & Magno

LL-USA Heavyweight Title Tournament
– Quarterfinals: Marco Corleone def. Tinieblas Jr.
– Quarterfinals: Charly Malice def. RelliK
– Quarterfinals: Lizmark Jr. def. Solid
– Quarterfinals: TBA vs. TBA
– Semifinals: Charly Malice vs. Lizmark Jr.
– Semifinals: Marco Corleone vs. TBA
– Finals: TBA vs. TBA

LL-USA Tag Team Titles Tournament
– Quarterfinals: Lizmark Jr. & Sydistiko def. Charly Malice & Super Nova
– Quarterfinals: El Oriental & Tinieblas Jr. def. Marco Corleone & Lujo Esquire
– Quarterfinals: PR Powers vs. Mascara Purpura & Magno
– Quarterfinals: TBA vs. TBA
– Semifinals: TBA vs. TBA
– Semifinals: TBA vs. TBA
– Finals: TBA vs. TBA