Matt O’Brien maintains the main page poll

In’s recent poll asking if Paul Heyman will sign with TNA, the results are as follows:

Yes 44% (920 votes)
No 56% (1,181 votes)

Total votes: 2,101

Will he or won’t he? The events in TNA in recent months have fans wondering if Paul Heyman will indeed sign with TNA. The company always has their next big venture on the horizon. With TNA courting Heyman to sign, some believe he may just have what it takes to book the company in a more successful direction.

Heyman has supposedly been reluctant to sign since TNA will not give him the control he is asking for-the same that Dana White currently holds. Whether Heyman is really asking for that control or is just using it is a bargaining chip is one thing, whether he should have it is a different beast. Some believe that Heyman is a genius. Perhaps he was at one point in his one way, but that has not been demonstrated for quite a while.

Regardless of Heyman’s success rate, TNA obviously believes he has what it takes. Otherwise they wouldn’t be courting him. They also wouldn’t be resurrecting ECW nearly a decade after its demise to draw viewers. TNA sees something in Heyman. Rumors of his signing have been like riding a rollercoaster for those fascinated by the possibility. Talks appear to be moving along and then they cool off. Recent conference calls hint that maybe Heyman will sign after all.

Heyman may sign. But after the inquiry of if he will sign, the answer has quickly becoming whether he should, or even what he can do to help TNA, if anything.

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Matt O’Brien