Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors
Springfield, Massachusetts
August 6, 2010
Commentators: Nigel Sherrod & Lalo Gonzalez
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

“Masked Warriors” kicks off this week with the minis playing poker with some hot females. This is supposedly happening a few hours before the show takes place. Near the minis playing poker Rebecca Reyes is with Magno. She asks Magno about his rivalry with Brewer and Magno says Brewer was wrong for disrespecting he and his fellow luchadores and when he beat Brewer in their first match he introduced him to what Lucha Libre is all about. He actually speaks English extremely well. Magno says tonight Brewer will get some of that same medicine. Mascarita Dorada stands up from the game and says (in Spanish) this is his lucky and drops a full house on them. Pequeno Halloween accuses him of cheating and the tecnicos call him a sore loser. Before leaving Halloween turns and slaps Rebecca right on her ample backside (she is looking GOOD tonight). Lucky little dude.

In the arena Nigel & Lalo hype up the card which features Mascarita Dorada and PR Powers against Pequeno Halloween, Neutronic, and the debuting Saber Claw. Also, El Oriental and Tinieblas Jr. against Lujo Esquire & Marco Corleone in a 1st Round Matchup in the LL-USA Tag Team Titles Tournament. Plus, Magno goes one-on-one with RJ Brewer in a rematch of their bout 2 weeks ago.

We cut to a video package highlighting Brewer and Magno’s rivalry. We’re not wasting any time tonight as that rematch is right now!

RJ Brewer vs. Magno

Magno is rocking some new gear tonight. He’s in a silver and pink mask with matching tights. Brewer goes for a clothesline immediately as the bell rings but Magno ducks it and then hits a hip toss. Magno then whips Brewer into the ropes and hits a backdrop. Magno follows up with a dropkick that sends Brewer reeling out to the floor. Brewer calls for a timeout but Magno is having none of it. Finally Brewer renters the ring and then calls for a test of strength but kicks Magno in the head as he went to lockup with him. Brewer hits Magno with a headbutt and then a European Uppercut. Brewer locks Magno in a Side Headlock but Magno shoves him into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block from Brewer. Brewer hits the ropes again and then leaps over Magno as Magno drops down to the mat. Magno then leapfrogs Brewer and goes for a Monkey Flip but Brewer tumbles over Magno. Magno then nails Brewer with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker as he gets to his feet! 1…2…NO Brewer kicks out! Magno hits a Standing Moonsault and gets another nearfall. Magno whips Brewer into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Brewer ducks and then Magno goes for a back chop but Brewer ducks again. Brewer comes off the ropes again and this time takes the leg out of Magno with a chop block! Magno sells the knee and then Brewer quickly grabs the leg and elbow drops the knee repeatedly. Brewer then locks Magno in a Knee Lock. Brewer cranks back on the leg as Magno screams in pain. Finally Magno is able to grab the bottom rope to break the hold. Brewer picks Magno up and tosses him into the corner. There Brewer lights Magno up with a chop and then he hangs Magno’s already injured knee up in the ropes and puts the boots to it. Brewer then hits a Running Dropkick to that knee. 1…2…NO Magno kicks out! Brewer locks Magno in a nerve hold and Magno gets the fans behind him and fights out with a body shot. Magno connects with a series of rights and then he attempts to whip Brewer into the corner but Brewer reverses it. Brewer kicks Magno in the gut and then connects with another European Uppercut. Brewer tosses Magno back in the corner and goes to dropkick the knee again but Magno moves and Brewer gets crotched in the turnbuckles! Magno hits a clothesline followed by another one. Brewer swings a wild right and then a left but Magno ducks them both and then connects with a with a Step-up Enziguri! 1…2…NO Brewer kicks out again! Magno picks Brewer up on his shoulders and hits the Magno Driver (DVD)! Magno hits a gorgeous Springboard Corkscrew Splash! 1…2…NO Brewer still kicks out! Magno whips Brewer into the corner and then goes for a Splash but Brewer moves out of the way and then goes for a Neckbreaker. Magno blocks it with back elbows and then goes for a front kick but Brewer catches his foot and then goes for a Forearm Smash. Magno ducks it and Brewer accidentally nails the referee! Brewer charges Magno in the corner and goes for a Monkey Flip but Magno blocks it and then sits Brewer up on the top rope. Magno nails Brewer with a Leaping Enziguri! Magno goes to the opposite side of the ring and charges and leaps up to the top but slips on the top rope. Magno steadies himself and then sets up for a Superrana but Brewer low blows him! Brewer covers Magno but the referee still hasn’t recovered. Brewer tries to get the referee up as Magno is still selling the low blow. Magno rolls Brewer up out of nowhere and the referee turns around to see it! 1…2…3!

Winner: Magno via pinfall (rollup)


Back from commercials replays of the last match are shown and then we cut to Marco Corleone’s locker room where he’s talking with Solid about the match tonight. Marco is fired up but Solid isn’t too excited. Solid says he’s frustrated because he keeps falling for Treachery’s games and Marco says they’re just trying to get in his head. He says Lizmark Jr. tried to get in his head for years in Mexico and Sydistiko is just a clone of Lizmark. Marco says he needs to watch Marco’s back tonight and he needs him.

They then show the history between Marco and Solid with Treachery.

Rebecca Reyes is at the announce table with the commentators now and they hype up the Trios Match now. Lalo cracks jokes about Halloween slapping her a** earlier.


Trios Match
Pequeno Halloween, Saber Claw, & Neutronic vs. Mascarita Dorada & The PR Flyers

I have no idea who Saber Claw is, he’s wearing a tiger-like mask. San Juan Kid is in a blue mask tonight and PR Flyer in a white mask. Mascarita Dorada coming out to Young Jeezy as his theme could be the most awesome thing ever. Saber and SJK (San Juan Kid) are going to start this match off. They lockup and Saber gets SJK in a wristlock early but SJK backflips into a reversal of the hold. SJK then transitions into a side headlock but Saber shoves him into the ropes and goes for a clothesline. SJK ducks the clothesline but then eats a Back Heel Kick. Saber follows up with a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall. Saber whips SJK in the corner and then charges but SJK floats up and over Saber. SJK ducks a back chop and then springs out of the corner with a Flying Corkscrew Armdrag! SJK charges at Saber but Saber backdrops him over the top rope. SJK lands on the apron and then hits a shoulderblock through the ropes and follows up with a Slingshot Hurricanrana! SJK then hits a dropkick and Saber Claw rolls out of the ring. Neutronic will replace Saber and PR Flyer tags in. Flyer and Neutronic lockup and Neutronic locks Flyer in a waistlock and then he transitions into a wristlock. Flyer rolls through it and connects with an armdrag. Flyer taunts Neutronic but eats a elbow for his troubles. Neutronic then attempts to whip Flyer into the corner but Flyer reverses it and then charges. Neutronic backdrops Flyer over the top rope but he lands on the apron and then mocks Neutronic again. Flyer nails Neutronic with a Forearm and then goes for a Springboard Moonsault but Neutronic moves and Flyer lands on his feet. Neutronic goes for a clothesline but Flyer ducks and rolls backward into a Wheel Barrow Armdrag! Flyer offers Neutronic a handshake as he gets to hits beet but Neutronic just chops him in the chest. Neutronic discusses something with his rudo buddies and then nails Flyer with a Sliding Dropkick in the corner. Mascarita Dorada blind tags Flyer and connects with a Springboard Missile Dropkick on Neutronic! He rolls out of the ring and Halloween replaces him and kicks Dorada in the face. Halloween whips Dorada into the ropes but Dorada springs off them with a Springboard Cross Body! Dorada then slaps Halloween and eats his legs up with leg kicks. Dorada tries to whip Halloween into the ropes but Halloween reverses it only to have Dorada go for his famous Spinning Head Scissors. Halloween isn’t having any of that this week and slams Dorada to the mat! Halloween slaps Dorada and then whips him into the ropes and goes for a hip toss but Dorada counters into a wheel barrow and then twists in the air into a head scissors takeover! Holy crap that was awesome. Dorada ducks a clothesline from Halloween and this time he does connect with the Spinning Headscissors! Both Halloween and Dorada are dizzy after the move and Halloween actually tries to tag out in the wrong corner! Dorada charges at Halloween and hits a Body Scissors Takeover over the top rope sending both he and Halloween out to the floor! Dorada then hits a Springboard Plancha Arm Drag (that’s right that little dude actually caught Halloween’s arm as he dove and arm dragged him to the floor!) off the top onto Halloween on the floor! In the ring Flyer nails Neutronic with a spinning heel kick and then Neutronic rolls out to the floor. Flyer then hits a Springboard Asai Moonsault off the top and almost completely over shoots Neutronic but did just barely catch him on the way down. Saber then hits a Plancha over the top onto both Neutronic and Flyer! Back in the ring Halloween grabs SJK by the foot as SJK was about to dive over the top and slams him to the mat. Halloween then grabs a chair and sets it up in the ring. Halloween then dives off the chair into a Somersault Plancha over the top onto everybody on the floor! SJK climbs to the top hit’s one of the most damn crazy moves I have ever seen! That son of a b*tch did three complete revolutions in the air as he flipped backwards. A damn Reverse 630 Plancha! Dorada hits an Asai Moonsault off the top rope onto the rudos! PR Powers toss Neutronic back into the ring but Neutronic fights them off with back elbows to SJK. Neutronic then nails Flyer with a clothesline. Neutronic whips Flyer into the corner and Flyer is selling an injury to that ankle pretty hard (may have come down hard on that dive). Neutronic charges at Flyer but Flyer gets his foot up. Neutronic catches the foot and then tries to toss Flyer’s foot at the ropes to hang it up in the ropes but Flyer springs off the top rope into a kick! SJK climbs up top and hits Spiral Tap! AJ Styles eat your heart out! 1…2…3!

Winners: Dorada & PR Powers via pinfall (Spiral Tap)

At the announce table the commentators hype up the Tag Tourneys Match.


Back from commercials highlights from that last insane match are shown.

Video of a therapy session that LL-USA sent Sydistiko to take place where he would be evaluated is shown. Sydistiko tells the therapist about how he was walking down the street and asked some guy what the time was and the guy asked him if he was crazy. He then tells him a story about a girl asking him the same thing. Sydistiko opens up some candy and says he may have too much candy but he is not crazy. Sydistiko says he has a real problem with people that have a filter between brain and body. Sydistiko says that there are some guys that you not about and then there are just some guys and then he walks away and starts laughing sadistically. Some guy tries to stop Sydistiko from leaving but he beats the guy up.

In the back Rebecca is with Mascara Purpura and she asks him what his goals in LL-USA are. Purpura says he has a lot of goals and one of them is to be LL-USA Champion but he’s just waiting for the commission to give him a chance to be in the tournament. He too can speak very good English. She begins to ask him if he is going to try and enter the Tag Tournament as well but then someone is screaming Sydistiko’s name that cuts him off.

We cut to the ring where Super Nova (in Spanish) is calling out Sydistiko. He says Sydistiko has 10 seconds to come out or he’s coming to get him. Nova counts to 10 and then walks to the back to find Sydistiko.

More hype for the Main Event.


Main Event
LL-USA Tag Team Championships Tournament 1st Round
El Oriental & Tinieblas Jr. vs. Marco Corleone & Lujo Esquire

We cut to a break one more time before the bout starts. Back from commercials the bell rings and Oriental and Lujo will start the match off. Lujo nails Oriental with a Front Kick immediately and then Lujo nals Oriental with Forearms. Lujo whips Oriental into the ropes and then goes for a clothesline but Oriental rolls underneath it. Oriental then blocks another shot and hits a Leaping Spike DDT! Tinieblas then comes in and puts the boots to Lujo as the referee is distracted with Marco. Lujo & Oriental then knock Marco off the apron and continue the beating on Lujo. Oriental & Tinieblas whip Lujo into the corner and then the both slide to the floor and trip Lujo up and then him crotch-first into the ring post! Tinieblas and Oriental pose in the ring and then Marco comes in and nails both with left hands. Marco goes for a big left on Tinieblas but he ducks and then hits the Drop of Darkness! Tinieblas locks Marco in a headlock as Oriental bites Marco’s fingers! We cut to the stage where Sydistiko and Nova are brawling! Nova and Sydistiko brawl all the way into the stands. They brawl up into the balcony and Nova climbs up a ladder and then dives off the top with a Somersault Plancha onto Sydistiko! Back in the ring Tinieblas and Oriental continue to stomp Marco out in the corner. They whip Marco into the opposite corner and Tinieblas charges but Marco floats up and over him and then leapfrogs a charging Oriental! Marco leapfrogs Oriental again and then leapfrogs Tinieblas! Marco springs to the top and hits a Diving Double Clothesline on both Oriental & Tinieblas! Lujo slides back in the ring and whips Oriental into the ropes and lifts him up into the air. Marco dropkicks Oriental off of Lujo’s grip. Oriental goes for a clothesline on Lujo but Lujo ducks and then nails him with a spinning heel kick! RelliK is out now and he holds onto Solid. In the ring Oriental ducks a clothesline from Marco and then hits a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Solid! Lizmark Jr. sneaks down to the ring as Lujo dives over the top with a Plancha onto RelliK & Oriental! Marco gets ready to go for Air Corleone but Lizmark hits him from behind. Marco then turns around and knocks Lizmark off the apron. Marco turns back around and hits a Bicycle Kick! 1…2…3 and the rudos get the win!

Winners: Oriental & Tinieblas Jr. via pinfall (Bicycle Kick)

Final Thoughts

Well, tonight was a lot better than the last two weeks. In fact, it was highly entertaining.

The opening segment with the minis in the locker room was pretty funny and advanced the Magno feud. Having guys like he and Purpura that can speak English as well as they do is actually probably going to give them a leg up with signing with promotions like TNA or WWE in the future if they so choose.

The rematch between Brewer and Magno was solid and at least we got an actual finish this week. This is one of the few actual feuds they’ve given time to.

I liked the build towards the Main Event and Sydistiko’s little video was actually pretty entertaining and finally gives a little insight into one of the characters. Nova and Sydistiko could be a good matchup of they are able to get TJP back in.

The Trios Match was easily the best match of the night. All 6 guys showed off and really busted their a**es. Hopefully PR Flyer didn’t hurt his ankle too bad but San Juan Kid was easily the highlight (besides Dorada) while Dorada continues to amaze every single week he’s out there. That’s most definitely a match I would go out of the way to see.

The Main Event was a solid match but there was just way too much going on, was pretty over booked. It looks like Treachery could end up getting bigger with possibly Tinieblas and Oriental joining. Good to see the rudos move on in the tournament.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Sydistiko’s therapy session gone wrong
Match of the Night: Trios Match (****)
Overall Grade: A

Scheduled for Next Week:
-The LL-USA Heavyweight Title Tournament continues