Jon Moxley interview

Jon Moxley, formerly known as Dean Ambrose with WWE, sat down with Chris Jericho on the “Talk is Jericho” podcast to give his reasons why he left WWE.

Moxley, who made his AEW debut this past Saturday at Double or Nothing, spoke about his unhappiness with the WWE creative process that led him to wanting to leave the company.

Moxley first thanked WWE for the eight years he worked for them and all the great opportunities he received, including meeting his wife, WWE commentator Renee Young. Moxley then spoke about feeling physically ill when he would have to report to work and see the “goofy sh–” they would write for him.

“If there’s one thing I want to do, I want to prove that your creative process — the WWE’s creative process, sucks.┬áIt does not work. It’s absolutely terrible. … It’s killing the company and I think Vince is the problem. Not so much Vince, but Vince and whatever structure he started building around himself.”

Moxley spoke about the moment he realized he would not be re-signing with the company. It was following a vignette on the November 26, 2018 RAW where he was inoculated to protect himself from the people of Milwaukee. Moxley says he found the vignette to be “embarrassing”, even though Vince McMahon was adamant that it would be great.

Moxley also spoke about feeling uncomfortable having to use Roman Reigns’ leukemia diagnosis in promos and spoke about one line that was written that he was refused to say.

As for the creation of AEW, Moxley says that had no standing on whether he was leaving WWE or not.

“My leaving WWE exists outside of that. Whether AEW exists or not, I was still leaving WWE. It was good to know the wrestling business was doing so well outside of WWE, but even if it wasn’t, I still would have left. If there was no other promotions to work for in the world, I still would have left WWE. If there were no other wrestlers, I would have just started my own promotion, started my own training school and trained my own opponents. I would have re-seeded the wrestling business from scratch if I had to. But the timing of it is just so crazy.”

You can listen to the full “Talk is Jericho” podcast interview on the link below. This is the highest rated edition of “Talk is Jericho” in the show’s history.