Chris Jericho recently appeared on “The Rich Eisen Show” (above) discussing a number of topics including the origins of his wrestling name and signing with All Elite Wrestling.

Jericho revealed that he originally picked out the name “Jack Action” before settling on his current name that was inspired by the heavy metal band Helloween.

He also discussed Vince McMahon briefly wanting to stop billing him as being from Canada during his career in WWE and his transition to signing with AEW.

Jericho talked about wrestling fans being hungry right now for an alternative.

“You had a group of guys who are worldwide famous, but not super well known in the States other than amongst hardcore fans. Guys like Kenny Omega, Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, those type of guys. And then you had Tony (Khan) with his back and then you had all this interest in television wrestling. And so basically for the first time possibly ever, we have an alternative to the WWE. It was a real cool concept for me from a creative side and from a buzz side. Our first show is at the MGM Grand, we sold out in four minutes.”