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Paul London vs. Bryan Danielson 2009!!

Those of you who followed Paul back in ROH must remember the 2 our ot 3 falls match with Paul and Danielson, well it has just been announced that the two will square off once again! Those of you in UK, do not miss out!
Paul London!

Event Details
Making his first non-WWE UK appearance since the first Frontiers of Honor show in 2003 (where he faced James Tighe in a terrific contest), Paul London has become one of the ?most wanted? of the former WWE stars on the independent scene at the moment.

London, a student of the Shawn Michaels Texas Wrestling Academy, developed his career alongside fellow trainees such as Brian Kendrick and Lance Cade. His gifted highflying skills first caught the attention of Ring of Honor fans in a terrific feud with fellow graduate Michael Shane (former TNA star Matt Bentley) which culminated in a street fight that had the crowd chanting ?Please Don?t Die!? at London.
London had many amazing performances while in Ring of Honor, including winning an incredible triple threat match against Low Ki and AJ Styles at the company’s 1st Anniversary show, and an amazing title match against ROH champion Samoa Joe on the night he left the company.

Despite not being the ?typical WWE styled? competitor, London exhibited such charisma and skill in the ring that WWE officials offered him a contract, and soon London was a mainstay on the Smackdown roster. His bouts with Akio (Jimmy Wang Yang) became favourites of wrestling fans when they contested a dynamite series on the appropriately named Velocity show.

Soon, London was teamed with fellow TWA graduate and ROH alumni Brian Kendrick, and they became the longest reigning WWE tag champions after defeating MNM and holding the titles for nearly a full year. London had himself previously held singles and tag gold in WWE, holding the tag titles with Billy Kidman and winning the Cruiserweight title.

London has also appeared for TNA and Zero-One in Japan, and in May its Pro Wrestling Octane’s turn to witness just how incredible a performer Paul London truly is.

First Matches Announced for [R]evolution
In a surprise to absolutely nobody….

Paul London vs Bryan Danielson.
Cast your mind back to 2003. The WWE was doing its thing, TNA was just in its infancy, and Ring of Honor was about to put on the greatest bout in its breath one year history. At ?An Epic Encounter? in April 2003, Bryan Danielson and Paul London squared off in a main event 2 out of 3 falls bout. This contest was such a classic contest, that it is still revered as one of the best matches in Ring of Honor’s history, and regularly appears on ROH fans? ?Top 10? lists.

Since that time, Danielson (who narrowly won the bout) and London have gone their separate paths. Danielson has become renowned as the best wrestler in the world, and has proven it in Europe, Japan and the US. Paul London meanwhile has gained championship gold in the WWE. Both men have developed their skills in the past five years, and have stepped up to a higher level of competition, with London facing some of the best wrestlers in the WWE, and Danielson facing the top stars of Pro Wrestling NOAH, as well as the very best on the US and European scene as well.

So the question in many fans? minds has to be � given how much better each man has become since they first met, what would be the result if they met once again? One thing has to be clear-if a five year old match is still revered as one of the best ROH matches of all time, a 2009 version of that match could just prove to be even better!

We will find out for sure in May when Pro Wrestling Octane presents Bryan Danielson v Paul London. The 2009 version.


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WWE.com has an hilarious video of the aftermath of last the last ECW on Sci Fi at this link: click here. Seems they might be breaking the team up soon, though.

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I was just on espn.com and it has a link on there on ESPN’s front page about Bobby Lashley’s move from WWE to MMA. Here is the link: click here.