stonecoldnimrod sent this in:

On sale Tuesday! Bonus disc contains what might have already been rumored to be Stone Cold’s theme during the invasion angle, and The Rock’s theme during his last heel run. Here’s the entire list of both cd’s:

* 1. Voices – Randy Orton
* 2. Pourquoi? – Maryse
* 3. Red – Kane
* 4. Kung Fu San – Kung Fu Naki
* 5. Holla – Kelly Kelly
* 6. What’s Up? – R-Truth
* 7. Pain – Vladimir Kozlov
* 8. Land Of Five Rivers – The Great Khali
* 9. She Looks Good – Eve
* 10. Get On Your Knees – Jack Swagger
* 11. If You Rock Like Me – SmackDown Theme
* 12. Tribal Trouble – Umaga
* 13. Priceless – Ted DiBiase
* Best Buy Exclusive:
* 14. Bonus Disc: I Won’t Do What You Tell Me – Stone Cold Steve Austin
* 15. Bonus Disc: Ultimatum – Ultimate Warrior
* 16. Bonus Disc: Rowdy – Roddy Piper
* 17. Bonus Disc: I Want You – Sgt. Slaughter
* 18. Bonus Disc: Blue Blood – Hunter Hearst Helmsley
* 19. Bonus Disc: Perfection – Mr. Perfect
* 20. Bonus Disc: Rest In Peace – Undertaker
* 21. Bonus Disc: Do You Trust Me? – Jake The Snake
* 22. Bonus Disc: If You Smell…? – The Rock’skuId=9178515&st=wwe+the+music&lp=1&type=product&cp=1&id=1944170

Jason Frost sent this in:

It was already announced that Tuesday (1/27) JBL will be making a public appearance and autograph signing for Ohio Valley Wrestling at the Davis Arena in Louisville Ky (4400 Shephardsville Rd) similar to what Brock Lesnar did earlier in the month. It was announced last week but I haven’t seen anyone report it that JBL will actually be competing for OVW that night as well. A storyline was run in OVW a few weeks ago where the winner of a battle royal would go on to face JBL during the live show after the meet in greet in the co-main event. The winner was Vaughn Lilas a 6’5″ monster known for chopping people to death. He then defended his shot at JBL against OVW champion and former Smackdown superstar Idol Stevens. Lilas won the OVW title so it will be OVW champion Vaughn Lilas vs John Bradshaw Layfield.

The other main event of the night is a cage match between stables The Mobile Homers and Theta Lambda Psi (who’s former leader Gavin Garrison is one of the guys recently signed to WWE Developmental) where the loosing team must disband.

The meet and great with JBL starts at 4PM. It’s $25 for the meet and greet which includes a ticket to the show later that night or $15 for just the wrestling event.

Eric Thackston sent this in:

Found this interesting. WWE is doing a smackdown house show here in Huntsville, AL on Sunday. Everyday I check the ticket section of They have a list of wrestlers that are set to appear. Well, today Jeff Hardy was taken off that list and the list for the show the night before. Leads me to believe something will happen to him tonight.