Here is a breakdown for the latest WWE and TNA television ratings courtesy of The Wrestling Observer and Figure Four Weekly Newsletters:

TNA Impact on 1/22 drew a final 1.1 cable rating (or 1.12) with 1.6 million viewers. The show did a 0.82 in males 18-34 and 0.84 in males 35-49.

ECW on Sci Fi on 1/20 drew a final 1.3 cable rating with 1.83 million viewers.

WWE Monday Night Raw on 1/19 drew a final and very strong 3.9 cable rating (rounded up from a 3.865) with the first hour drawing a 3.65 and the second hour drawing a 4.08. Many have pointed out how long the overrun was for the show likely increasing audience numbers a bit more than usual. Despite that, it was the highest rated episode of Raw since last year’s Ric Flair farewell show the night after WrestleMania 24 on March 31. The show did a 3.45 in males 18-49, had a 65% male viewing audience and the average viewer was 36.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown on 1/16 drew a final 2.1 broadcast rating with 4 million viewers. Despite the drop from last week’s 2.2 rating, the show once again broke the MyNetworkTV record for most viewers for a show.