Emma discusses WWE

Chuck Carroll of CBS New York recently interviewed former WWE Superstar Tenille Dashwood (FKA Emma). Dashwood talked about her time in WWE and NXT and the differences between WWE and ROH:

”I was with WWE for about six years, and NXT was a big part of that, especially engaging the fans. I think getting the following that I have still to this day was basically having those matches like I did back in NXT. Basically, with Paige, I used to have those matches. It was when wrestling started being showcased as main events on the NXT Arrival. Women from then on started to have, I think, bigger matches, more opportunities, and were showcased in main events and started to get chances they hadn’t had before. I think that kind of translates, for me. It feels like a similar thing is happening now [in Ring of Honor], and it’s a chance for me to be a part of that again, and to elevate the women and to showcase that to the world. Ring of Honor is that platform where we’re able to do that, and so it’s an opportunity for all of us.”

You can read the full interview at newyork.cbs.local.com.