Indy News Update #3 for September 15, 2012
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Shannon Rose sent this in.

TCW Wrestling
September 15, 2012
6:30PM (CDT)
Cook Convention Center
255 North Main Street, Memphis, TN 38103

Fabulous Jackie Fargo will be featured at the TCW Wresting Event on September 15 at the Cook Convention Center.

Traditional Championship Wrestling (TCW) returns to Memphis with their latest event, featuring Chris Adonis (the former Masterpiece) vs. 7’2″ Titan and a special appearance by Fabulous Jackie Fargo.

The TCW Tag Team and International Championships will be on the line with matches between Champions Genetic Perfection (with Rich Rude) vs. Dustin Heritage and Ricky Morton (of the Rock & Roll Express) and Champion King Shane Williams vs.Tim Storm

The evening’s card is also slated to include matches featuring; Matt Riviera, Moe Stegall, the Bradford Family and more.

The evening will present at least twelve matches and it will be a taped TCW event.

TCW matches always promise drama, excitement and some of the best in professional wrestling.

Card subject to change.

Dory Funk sent this in.

BANG! TV Report – Professional Wrestling Tonight – Wes Brisco to Referee Ladies Match

When the show starts tonight at the !BANG! TV Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida Wes Brisco will be the Referee for the Women’s Championship 3-Way Dance as Claudia “The Claw” Reiff (Champion) vs Hollywood Heather vs Jessica Hill. Show Time is 7:00pm with doors opening at 6:15pm.

Ticket Information – Call 352-895-4658
Tickets online at

Support Your Troops 81, “Fall Brawl”

Main Event
World Title Match
Cory “Wild” Weston (Champion) vs Shane Chung
(Reality Wrestling Rules) WWE Hall of Famers Jerry Brisco Dory Funk Jr. at Ringside

Fighting Heart Award Presentation by Dory Funk Jr. to Jerry Brisco
In Attendance Jerry’s Son and Former Florida Champion, Wes Brisco

Australian Rules 8 Man Tag Team Match
Dory Funk Jr., Wes Brisco, Johnny Magnum & Cory “Wild” Weston
Shane Chung, Pete Kaasanova Jeremy “Rock Star” Spillers & Quinton “Drop Back” Hitchcock

3 Way Dance for the Women’s Championship – Special Referee Wes Brisco
Claudia “The Claw” Reiff (Champion) vs Jessica Hill vs Hollywood Heather

European Title
Quinton “Dropback” Hitchcock vs Pete Kaasanova

International Tag Team Match
Brian “Hot Shot” Davis & Ronny Rymer vs Jeremy “Rock Star” Spillers & T. J. Blake