Indy News Update #5 for September 14, 2012
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Larry Goodman sent this report in.

From Larry Goodman:

Showtime All Star Wrestling TV – Episode 219
Taped on March 10, 2012 at the Community Center in Old Hickory, TN

SAW’s return to live action is scheduled for September 15 and 16 at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds headlined by Crimson vs. Luke Gallows, Vordell Walker vs. Chase Stevens, and an appearance by Mexican star Psicosis (II not Nicho). Both shows are TV tapings and admission to the wrestling is free with a paid admission to the fair. Bell time on the Saturday, the 15th is 7pm. The Sunday shows are at 4pm, 6pm and 8pm.

SAW Last Week…Jeremiah Plunkett brutally attacked Cassidy Riley as he came back through the curtain and injured his shoulder…Derrick King Enterprises retained the SAW tag titles over The Brotherhood after King clocked Jeff Daniels with a chain, shielded from view by Derrick Jr. inside Sista O’Feelya’s womb…Matt Bentley challenged SAW International Champion Vordell Walker to an impromptu match. Walker accepted and was attacked by Luke Gallows before the match got underway. Gallows and Bentley teamed up to injure Walker’s knee.

Michael Graham and Reno Riggins on commentary.


Plunkett was aggressive from the get go. He dismantled Spiral and locked in a can opener submission.

WINNER; Plunkett via can opener submission in 1:24.

Postmatch – Plunkett continued his brutal attack on Spiral. Riley (nursing a shoulder injury) hit the ring and he was fit to be tied.

Segue to footage of Plunkett injuring Riley’s shoulder last week. Graham said he was racking his brains to figure out Plunkett’s motivation.

Riley cut a fire-breathing babyface promo demanding a match with Plunkett from matchmaker Reno. Riley said he had two surgeries on that shoulder, and that’s why Plunkett went after it. Riley advised Plunkett that he was not a guy you want to go to war with. Pro wrestling was how he made his living, and he wasn’t laying down for anybody.

“Leah the Bond Girl” Hulan gave us an update on the capture of Grumpy’s Most Wanted Bail Jumper Joshua Covell. Leah delivered the goods this week. Those amazing breasts of hers were about to burst through my television screen.

World traveler Rudy Charles shared one of his adventures while he off recruiting the next A Team superstar. Seems he was in Amsterdam and ate a brownie offered to him by a man with dreadlocks, and the next thing he knew he was naked in the backsteets of some town in New Zealand. Rudy was disturbed, incensed, FLABBERGASTED by what he had seen on SAW TV. Who did Tracy Taylor think she was interfering in a man’s world on behalf of her husband Micah? Rudy was losing it so bad he had to slap himself across the face. Rudy told Tracy to tell Micah to man up and give Emerson a rematch, and he might just have to return to ringside.

Michael Graham said Micah had accepted the challenge, and the rematch with Emerson would take place next week.

Tracy Taylor discussing the state of women’s wrestling — Tracy expressed her frustration with the difficulty finding female wrestlers that had the passion and heart to approach pro wrestling as a career rather than a hobby. Tracy said a lot girls wanted it handed to them and didn’t want to work for it. By the same token, it was awesome when she found a another female competitor that had the right stuff.

2 — SAW Women’s Title Match – Champion TRACY TAYLOR vs. ANGELINA RUSH

Rush stunned Taylor with a hard shot into the turnbuckles. The feisty blonde used a wide open, brawling style of offense to punish the champion. Tracy tattooed Rush with forearm shots and rudely introduced her face to the turnbuckles. Rush regained the advantage, and looked to be setting up for a DDT when Tracy countered with Hawaii 5-0.

WINNER: Tracy Taylor retains the SAW Women’s Title via pinfall with Hawaii 5-0 in 4:12.

Leah back with Grumpy’s Bail Jumper of the Week – Ivory German Lee. “Let’s have an intelligent discussion about your future. You know it never does any good to run from your problems. Sooner or later, they’re going to catch up with you. So be a man…”

Graham hyped the main event, Walker vs. Bentley, and pitched to interviews with both men.

Walker said he was now used to being the hunted. He admitted that Bentley took him to his limit a few years back, but tonight he had no limits.

Bentley said the only reason Walker had the title was because he wasn’t in the title tournament, and their future would be like their past – he would always win. Bentley said Walker had the heart and he had the fans. Bentley said he had heart, the physical attributes and the talent. He didn’t care about the fans. He was a two time X division champion that had been all over the world. He wasn’t scared by Walker and his fan following, and Walker’s heartfelt speeches didn’t mean squat.

3 — SAW International Title Match: Champion VORDELL WALKER vs. MATT BENTLEY

Bentley attacked a gimpy Walker before the bell. Walker fired back while continuing to favor the damaged leg. Walker backflipped out a sunset flip attempt, but that only aggravated the leg injury, and Bentley really went to town on it. Reno said he wouldn’t blame Walker for taking a 10 count, but he was too much of man to do it. Bentley started laughing when Walker’s leg gave out when he tried to go on offense. Bentley applied a figure four leglock, using the ropes for leverage. Walker turned it over forcing Bentley grabbed the ropes. Walker fought through the pain for the big comeback and tried for the spinning uranage. Referee Joe Williams got knocked down. Walker stopped to check on Williams. Bentley loaded up the superkick. Walker blocked it and countered with a sitout powerbomb. Bentley was in no shape to kick out, but there was no ref to count. Walker went to revive Williams, and that gave Bentley all the time he needed. Bentley’s superkick connected. Williams temporarily regained consciousness, but Walker kicked out at 2 and 7/8. Bentley summoned Gallows brandishing the title as a weapon. Bentley tried to throw Walker into the belt, but Walker made sure that Bentley’s skull met metal. Bentley staggered into Walker’s spinning uranage slam. Bentley was done, but Gallows clocked Walker with the belt and put Bentley on top of the pile. Williams had just enough wits about him to make the three count. Ring announcer Scott Hensley announced Bentley as the new champion.

WINNER: Bentley in 11:15 to win the SAW International Championship???

Nope. Reno got in the ring and ripped the belt out of Bentley’s hand. Reno said the ref didn’t see what happened but he did.

Back from commercial, Reno said no way he would let Bentley cheat Walker or the people out of a championship match.

Gallows knocked Walker onto the hardwood floor and made him a stationary target for another superkick from Bentley. The champion was out cold.

THOUGHTS: For Walker, it’s a crying shame that SAW abruptly went on hiatus, because the guy was on fire as SAW International Champion. Booking two major heels to conspire against him is simple, smart booking…Walker and Bentley a very good match. Walker’s selling of the leg was spot on. He did a powerslam where he kept all of his weight on the good leg. Bentley hasn’t been breaking any new ground with his promos, but he’s been really sharp in the ring. The announce team wisely glossed over the spot where Wiiiams realized he was counting the wrong pin attempt and suddenly played dead again….As mentioned in the previous report, Gallows had a groin injury that prevented him from wrestling, so booker Paul Adams had to find ways to work around it and still keep the story going between Walker and Gallows. Riley cut the kind of babyface promo that resonates with Nashville fans…Clearly, SAW was toning down the wacky comedy and developing a more serious wrestling product (Reno disallowing the screwball title change, running logical sports injury angles with Walker and Riley and airing Taylor’s shoot comments in the personality profile). The segment where Charles let his misogynist tendencies show out added just the right amount of wacky comedy…Spiral didn’t get a chance to show what he can do. A few months after this was taped, Spiral embarked on a successful tour of Japan with Zero One…A real plus about this show was the was forethought given to setting up matches for the next episode. Thumbs up. This show grew on me as it went along.

Talk NWA sent this in.

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