Indy News Update #2 for August 29, 2011
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Weekend results and pics from the Australasian Wrestling Federation
Sat 27 August, 2011
Blacktown RSL, Blacktown, NSW, Australia
Attendence: 250
El Technico b Mick Moretti, Anubis & Del Fuego b Shane Saw & Sir Loin, Blakestone b Dean Draven, Mad Turk Hussain b Gladiator Apollo, Tag Team Championship Party Trix b Mass Transit, Spaceboy Dacey b Scotty Club, Jack Tasman b Freddie Falco & “The Aerialist” Julian Ross, Commonwealth Championship: Concrete Davidson b Tama Williams to become new Champion, Selene b Rachel Rose, Jay Law& Dick Togo b Iron Ben Coles
Event Notes:

– TNT opened the show introducing fans to the 13th annual installment of AWF PsychoticSlam and thanked them for attending.
– In the opening bout fans were treated to a high flying spectacular. Mint Condition started the match aggressively backing El Technico into the corner followed with a slap. The second attempt lead to El Technico countering and out wrestling the man from Minto. The match went back and for with several pin attempts, arm drags, flips and counters until El Technico dropkicked Mick Moretti out of the ring and followed up with a dive outside the ring. The Meixcan Scotsman continued to stay ontop until Mint Conditions Valet Pamela Cooper distracted the ref and Moretti got the upper hand. Mint Condition continued to dominate even countering a springboard crossbody driving his knees into his opponents stomach mid air. Mick set up for his moonsault when Technico rolled out of the way but Mint landed on his feet and went back on the assault. Technico finally got back on offence and landed a huge flying dropkick followed by a top rope hurricanrana and a capture DDT for the pin.
– Shane Saw began the second match of the night by totally out wrestling Del Fuego until the Chillian ran for the corner to tag his partner. Shane Saw then sent in his partner Sir Loin to meet Sir Loin. Sir Loin continued the domination of the Multiculturals, but when Shane Saw enter the match Anubis managed to get his team on top. Anubis and Del Feugo continued to dominate and isolate Shane Saw hitting a big double suplex while the reff was busy getting Sir Loin out of the ring. Shane Saw eventually made it to his partner and Sir Loin came at the Multiculturals with a full head of steam. When Shane Saw was tagged back in to hit their finisher he took too long and the ref had to make Sir Loin leave the ring and Anubis and Del Fuego took advantage and hit a backbreaker leg drop combo for the pin.
– In the Heavyweights Hit out match the massive Blakestone faced off against Dean Draven. Blakestone began the match out muscling Draven until he was countered and then out wrestled by the man from Penrith. Blakestone took a breather outside the ring and when he returned put Draven in the corner with some big chops and Dean then returned the favor when Blakestone got a bit too cocky. Blakestone then began to totally dominate Draven with clotheslines suplexes and slams until Draven countered a belly to back suplex and began beating up Blakestone in turn. The match continued back and forth until Draven countered a top rope clothesline and hit his flying headbutt but only managed a two count.
– On the stage, Mad Tony Kebab blocked referee OJ Fitzpatrick from refereeing the bout and sent him to the back. Another battle of muscular warriors was up next as Mad Turk Hussain and Gladiator Apollo smashed each other back and forth. Turk gained the upper hand and spilled Apollo to the outside and scored with a spectacular dive from in ring to the floor. Turk followed with a running knee smash in ring for a near fall. Apollo was able to mount a revival and when looking to be on the brink of victory referee Tony Kebab stopped counting at 2. Apollo grabbed Kebab and was about to nail him, but Turk stopped him and knocked Apollo out with a huge running boot for the win with a fast count from Kebab.
– In the first Championship bout of the night, Party Trix would face a mountain of a challenge as they were set to defend their tag team titles against the team Mass Transit, Massive Q and Traffic. DJ Fusion started off the match against Massive Q. DJ seemed unable to even make Q flinch with a few punches and even The Illusionist didn’t phase him with a flying elbow. When DJ managed to land some big kicks on Q’s legs the biggest man in the match retreated to his corner and tagged in Traffic. DJ Fusion then had Traffic reeling and the champions managed to get both men on the floor and make simultaneous dives to ground both men. Traffic then hung DJ up on the barricade and Mass Transit began to dominate. Party Trix were in big trouble as DJ Fusion was being demolished and kept isolated from his partner. After countering a corner splash The Illusionist finally got back in the match he used his impressive speed to confuse Traffic and Massive Q. With an accidental assist from Traffic Party Trix set Massive Q up for a double finisher, first a top rope senton from The Illusionist followed by a frog splash from DJ Fusion and the pin. After a hard fought match Party Trix retained the tag team championships.
– After intermission Scotty Club would face off against Spaceboy Dacey. A hardhitting bout ensued. Spaceboy dazzled the fans with a huge Space Spear, and even kissed Club’s new valet Pamela Cooper when she tried to interfere. Club scored with a big knee and some suplexes for near falls, until Cooper tried to interfere again and was stopped by Mighty Mel , with Spaceboy capitalizing and getting the big win with the Space Destroyer.
– In the three way match between Freddie Falco, Jack Tasman and Julian Ross, Falco and Tasman were quickly out matched in the early goings. Ross managed to separate the two bigger men and land a series of high flying moves. When Falco and Tasman managed to team up and start to dominate it wasn’t long before they were fighting each other for who would get the pin. When Ross managed to get between his opponents again hit wasn’t long before he hit Falco with a cutter and frog splash and almost had the pin until Tasman grabbed him and hit an Impalor DDT to steal the win.
– The winner of the Great Aussie Rumble from Aussie Mania, Concrete Davidson was set to reap the rewards of his previous victory as he came to challenge Tama Williams for the AWF Commonwealth Championship. At the start of the match Concrete Davidson seemed to embarrass the champion out smarting him at every turn. After chasing Tama around the ring Concrete tried to get Williams back in the ring but Tama countered and began to show some life. Tama began throwing Davidson around the ring but when Concrete embarrassed his opponent again by putting a fake moustache on him Tama again was on the back foot. When Tama finally had Concrete down he went to the top for his Air New Zealand splash but missed. Tama didn’t lose momentum though get Davidson for a superplex. Davidson escaped and shoved Tama off the top rope and went for the pin. Multicurtural Societies ref Tony Kebab then interjected and dragged the official CB Cochran out of the ring, knocked him out and stopped the pin in the process. Tama followed up after Concrete was distracted hiting his inverted fallaway slam and then nailed the Air NewZealand. Concrete miraculously powered out. Mad Turk then entered as Tam held Davidson. He charged with a big boot but Concrete moved and Tama was smashed. Concrete then ducked another boot from Hussain and he went flying out of the ring. Davidson then strong slammed Tama and slammed Kebabs hand down for the 3 count as he again tried to pause, and was crowned the new commonwealth champion. After the bout Tama wasn’t happy, and then the other Multicultural Society members attacked him and left him laying.
-The Ladies match began with Rachel Rose out wrestling Selene. When Selene called for test of strength the tides turned in the match. Everything Rachel did Selene wouldn’t let her budge. Rose finally countered with a side slam and landed a big hurricanrana. Selene however countered Rachel’s finisher attempt and wasn’t long before Selene hit a reverse DDT with an elbow driver for the three count.
– The Main Event of the night saw The Detonation Crew team of the AWF Champion Iron Ben Coles and Powerhouse Theo face off against the AWF Young Loins Champion Jay Law and Japanese International Dick Togo. The match began in a fair contest between Iron Ben and Dick Togo trying to see who was tougher. Theo tagged in and went toe to toe with the man from the land of the rising sun who soon tagged in Jaw Law. Theo and Law battled back and forth fighting power v power with some impressive holds until Theo tagged in Coles who was a bit too quick for Law and grounded him with an arm drag to an arm bar. Coles tagged in Theo and the pair looked to dominate throwing both opponents outside the Coles followed up with a Vault outside the ring. After being convinced by his partner not to used an illegal weapon, Theo set Togo up for a powerbomb but Jay Law cut out his legs and the momentum shift back to team Elite. Togo hit an incredible delayed slingshot senton on Theo and was in trouble. Jay Law then to the dismay of the crowd picked his nose and whipped it on Powerhouse Theo’s face. Theo managed to counter a clothesline with a big spinebuster and tagged Coles in. Coles entered cleaning house and looked set to deliver the Iron Splash when out of nowhere Theo slammed Coles across the head with a chair as he hit the ropes. Seizing the moment Law and Togo double teamed and Law hit a brainbuster followed by a Togo top rope senton back splash for the Elite Wrestling victory. After the bout Theo attacked Coles and brutally powerbombed him. TNT entered the ring and told Theo to stop and tried to get the Detonation Crew in order. TNT tended to Coles and rounded up the show thanking fans and saying that he will try to sort the tension between the team and things will be resolved at upcoming events.
* Show report Brendan Burman
– A big night of action, and AWF thanks everyone who attended PsychoticSlam and made the night a success. PsychoticSlam will air as an internet Pay Per View on from November. Aussie Mania is available now on IPPV at
– Next AWF event at Blacktown RSL will be Year End Extravaganza on Sat 3 December.
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Scheduled Feature Bouts Include:
Australasian Championship: Jack Tasman Vs Iron Ben Coles
Young Lions Championship: The Illusionist Vs Jay Law
Powerhouse Theo Vs DJ Fusion
Samoan Warrior Vs Gladiator Apollo
Plus more TBA!
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When: Sat 17 September, 2011 – 7pm
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Enquiries: 0410 691 377 or
AWF Live Pro-Wrestling returns to the Parramatta RSL for the first time in many years on Saturday 8 October at 7pm to present AWF October Wrestlefest.
Feature Happenings include:
– Detonation Crew Public Airing hosted by TNT: Iron Ben Coles & Powerhouse Theo
– Australasian Championship: Blakestone Vs Iron Ben Coles
– Commonwealth Championship: Powerhouse Theo Vs Concrete Davidson
– Young Lion’s Championship: Jay Law Vs Spaceboy Dacey
– 6 Person Tag: Samoan Warrior, Del Fuego & Anubis Vs El Technico & Party Trix
– Women’s Action: Aroura Vs Rachel Rose
– Referees Showdown: Mad Tony Kebab Vs CB Cochran
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When: Sat 8 October, 2011 – 7pm
Where: Parramatta RSL: Cnr Macquarie & O’connell Sts, Parramatta, NSW
Tickets: $25 available via Paypal from AWF Website, at the venue, or at the door on the night if not sold out
Enquiries: 0410 691 377 or