Indy News Update #3 for August 20, 2011
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Steven Ashe sent these reports in:

A1 – Alpha-1 Wrestling
First Annual Randy Poffo Invitational Tournament

Hamilton, Ontario
Germania Club
Attendance: 180-200 (a guestimate)
Ring Announcer: Terry Mathis
Referees: Dave Dread, Bryan Renda, Jeremy Hogel
Results credit: Gordo for

Show featured a 6 sided ring
Start time: 4 PM precisely

1) RPI Tournament First Round, 4-Way Match:
Cheech def “The Hit” Ashley Sixx, Anthony Darko and “Rocksteady” Alex Vega when he pinned Darko [8 min]

2) RPI Tournament First Round, 4-Way Match:
“Hacker” Scotty O’Shea def Moondog Buddy, Justin Sane and Steve Brown when he pinned Moondog [7 min]

3) RPI Tournament First Round, 4-Way Match:
Alessandro Del Bruno def Brent B, Sebastian Suave and “The Mastermind” Timothy Krane when he pinned Suave [9 min]

4) RPI Tournament First Round, 4-Way Match:
“The Ronin” Josh Alexander def Mark Shaw, “The Last Misfit” Justin Graves and “Surf’s Up” Johnny Wave when he pinned Shaw [9 min]

The Entourage ran into the ring and attacked Wave after the match. Page said it was payback for Wave having the audacity to attack him and an example to anyone who thought they’d use The Entourage as a stepping stone to greatness in Alpha-1. Page then called out their scheduled opponents…

5) The Entourage (Ethan Page & “The King of KO’s” Joey Kings) def The Super Smash Brothers (“Player Dos” Stupefied & Player Uno) when Uno submitted to Page’s half-crab while Kings stomped on his head. [11 min]

6) RPI Tournament Semi-Final:
Cheech def “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea [9 min]

7) RPI Tournament Semi-Final:
“The Ronin” Josh Alexander def Alessandro Del Bruno [8 min]
Picked by many fans as Match of the Night

Michael Elgin was introduced and then “Psycho” Mike Rollins. Rollins said the 3rd man scheduled for their match, “Mr Wrestling” Kevin Steen, wasn’t there which meant he could kick Elgin’s ass “two thirds of the time harder.” He and Elgin both grabbed chairs and faced off in the ring when suddenly music started playing and Jimmy Jacobs appeared on the stage much to the delight of a surprised audience. Jacobs said he’d been chasing Steen for months and would finally get his hands on him at A-1’s “One More Day in Paradise” on Aug 21st. Jacobs then said he’d take Steen’s place on this show so he could watch Psycho Mike kick Elgin’s ass…

8) 3 Way Dance:
“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin def “Psycho” Mike Rollins and Jimmy Jacobs when he pinned Rollins [11 min]
Another match many fans picked as Match of the Night

9) RPI Tournament Finals:
Cheech def “The Ronin” Josh Alexander to win the tournament [15 min]
After the match Cheech accepted the RPI Trophy and said he had his sight’s set on Alexander’s Alpha Male Championship
Like the previous 2 matches this bout was picked by many fans as Match of the Night

Alpha-1 returns to the Germania Club in Hamilton
Sunday, Aug 21st with One More Day in Paradise
Matches Include:
Josh Alexander defends the Alpha Male title against Scotty O’Shea in an I Quit Match
Alessandro Del Bruno challenges Timothy Krane for the Zero Gravity Championship
RPI Tournament winner Cheech faces Ashley Sixx – Falls Count Anywhere
Plus lots more
Keep checking the ALPHA-1 WEBSITE for details


Crossfire Wrestling
St Catharines, Ontario

At the Flea Market
Results credit: Sue Ellen Reasonable

1. Patrick Watson defeated Marcos Marquez by pinfall.

2. Go Time Chris LaPlante defeated Troy Buchanon by submission.

3. The Unholy Ryot defeated Rex Atkins by pinfall.

The show was halted immediately after the third match when officials determined the ring was structurally unsound due to damage caused by The Unholy Ryot’s chokeslam on Rex Atkins at the conclusion of their match. Ryot drove Atkins to the mat with force enough to shatter beams and damage other ring support equipment. Atkins fared better than the ring did. The popular “Retro” star was assisted to the back but suffered no lasting injury beyond some nasty bruising and back strain. Damage to the ring was so extensive a satisfactory on the spot repair was impossible. Unwilling to endanger their performers or the public by bodging together a potentially dangerous ring, Crossfire management reluctantly but wisely, informed fans of the problem and called it a day.

Hey Gordo,
Crossfire was fun. It was a good show up until it ended. The matches were good and people had a good time. Too bad the ring broke and we didn’t get to see the whole show.
– Sue Ellen Reasonable”

Crossfire Wrestling’s next event is September 17th in Wellend
Featuring a special appearance by wrestling legend “No Class” Bobby Bass

Crossfire returns to the Flea Market in St Catharines Sunday September 18th at 1:30 PM