Indy News Update #3 for August 17, 2011
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Sunday, August 14, 2011
TWA Adrenaline
St. Catharines, Ontario
TWA Powerhouse Training Facility
Ring Announcer: various voices from behind the curtain
Referees: Dave, Terry and Jesse
Results credit: Michael Colyn for

1) Ricky Ray defeated Tomer Shalom. This is Ricky’s 1st TWA win.

2) “Future $” Chad Williams defeated TJ Thunder by disqualification when TJ Thunder used an illegal move.

3) Ruin defeated Tommy Powers.

4) In a TWA Hardcore Title Match, Champion Joey Paradice defeated “The Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang.

5) In a TWA North American Heavyweight Title match, Champion “The Sniper” Randy Vahn faced the returning, for 1 match only, “The Wanted Man” Ryan Dennim and retained his title.

Earlier in the show, Canadian Extreme (CK Sexx & Kryss Thorn) demanded from the Commisioner of TWA that they get their tag titles back as TJ Thunder who subbed for Kryss Thorn last show was the one who lost the titles. The titles were given back to them but then were interupted by Robbie Reckless who then introduced his tag team partner for the match, EZE.

6) In a TWA Tag Team Title match, Champions Canadian Extreme (CK Sexx & Kryss Thorn) defeated Robbie Reckless and EZE when CK Sexx pinned Robbie Reckless.
With Robbie Reckless laid out and hurting real bad, his g/f Bea come running to the ring to make sure her man was ok. Bea and EZE helped Robbie up and Robbie turned around and Super Kicked EZE in the face. Bea threw her hands up and looked confused as Robbie then Super Kicked his own g/f in the face and left the ring with an evil smirk on his face.


Sunday August 14 2011

TCW – Tri-City Wrestling
Kitchener, Ontario

At the TCW Battlezone
Attendance: 80-90 (a guestimate)
Ring Announcer: Jessy Jones
Referees: Ref Sean, Ref Beard
Results credit: Gordo for

Pre Show “Rising Stars Match”
“Rocksteady” Alex Vega def Abraham “Action” Jackson [5 min]

Main Show started with introduction of TCW DVD Commentators Topher Whiteman and “Infamous” Jay Moore which quickly led to confrontational words between TCW Promoter Duncan Marshall and Moore. Also involved was new TCW Heavyweight Champion Anthony Darko who agrees with Moore that Duncan Marshall is everything that is wrong about TCW. Former champion Sebastian Suave joined the party (with his valet Seleziya Sparx) and he too said he had little respect for TCW’s promoter saying Marshall had “raped” him of the pride of being champion. Eventually Jay Moore yelled at Marshall to get out and slapped him in the face. Marshall retaliated by shoving Moore to the mat but was then immediately attacked by Darko and Suave. Darko then turned on Suave and left him lying on the canvas with a trapped DDT. A VERY intense 8 minutes to kick off the show.

1) Ethan Page def TJ Thunder [6 min]
There’s a ‘bad blood’ story behind this match but it’s too long to relate here. Suffice to say these 2 guys didn’t like each other before they stepped into the ring. The match gave them a chance to hit each other with fists and feet instead of Facebook Status comments which made for a good opener that garnered lots of fan noise and vocal interaction.

2) Zipper w/ Ianna Titus def Brandon Flip [3 min]
An impressive effort from the relatively inexperienced Brandon Flip who used a a number of offensive maneuvers including a stunner off the top rope and a code red in his quest for victory, He had the fans on his side too but Flip was unable to defend against Zipper’s power and the masked geek imposed his will upon the rookie on route to a decisive victory.
After the match Ianna Titus, who was dragged reluctantly out to the ring on the end of a steel chain, slapped Zipper in the face. He responded by driving her to the mat with a reverse DDT leaving her prone in the ring until Jessy Jones and a ref dragged her out and to the back

3) “Bearded Dragon” Scotty Turner def “High Risk Hero” Rip Impact [8 min]
Turner has “Attitude” which has upped his intensity and that has added serious credibility to his already considerable technical skills. He kicked out of Sliced Bread, countered the Ripcord and pinned Rip Impact clean. A great match!

Jessy Jones introduced Mr Atlantis and talked the hulking strongman into hiring him as his manager.

4) Scotty The Body def Jake O’Reilly [11 min]
O’Reilly’s TCW debut didn’t go quite as he planned when Scotty pinned him after a wicked lariat. This was another great match! Different in style and pacing than the one before it, this bout wove a drama showcasing the technical and strategic brilliance of Jake O’Reilly’s mat game versus the never give up attitude and explosive high impact offense of Scotty the Body.
After the match Jessy Jones kissed up to Scotty The Body and got him to agree to wrestle Mr Atlantis on the next show.

15 Minute Intermission [25 min]

5) Tag Team Triple Threat:
The Hollywood Hunks (“The Stunner” Sean Ryker & “Custom Made” Markus Ryan) def The Italianos (Tony “Stickball” Carbonie & Primo Scordino) and The DaVinci’s (Vinnie & Diego) [10 min]
At the last show the DaVinci’s masquaraded as fans to interfere on behalf of the Italianos giving their fellow Italians the victory over the Hollywood Hunks so while this match was announced as a Triple Threat it’s unlikely anyone (especially the Hunks) thought it was going to be anything but a 2 on 1 Tag Team Handicap Match. The 2 Italian teams were obviously working together and once they recovered from the attack on the Italianos by the Hunks during introductions the DaVinci’s and Italianos shared a lengthy isolation and beatdown on Marcus “Custom Made” Ryan. The only friction between the Italians was during pin attempts as both teams felt they should have the honor of scoring the winning pin. Markus finally managed to escape when Primo broke up Vinnie’s pin attempt with the reminder “Hey, you work for us.” The fresh, rested and very pissed off Hunk, “The Stunner” Sean Ryker exploded into action and when Markus joined him the two wasted little time discombobulating the Italians and pinned Vinnie to win the match.

Jessy Jones began to introduce the next match when he was interrupted by TCW Promoter Duncan Marshall. Marshall called “Infamous” Jay Moore to the ring. Moore took his time leaving his broadcast position on the stage but eventually entered the ring where Marshall told him he had 2 options… “Get down on your knees and apologize or leave!” Moore refused to do so, said he was going to hang out with his buddy Anthony Darko and Marshall could do whatever he wanted, the “Infamous One” didn’t care. Marshall called to Moore as he was walking out saying “one way or the other Jay Moore, you WILL pay the piper!”
Marshall then addressed fans, informing them TCW Women’s Champion Holly Hilton was not at the show and since she had failed to meet her contractual obligations, TCW officials were stripping her of the title and it would go to the winner of the next match…

6) TCW Women’s Championship:
Cherry Bomb def Gabriella Vanderpool to win the vacant title [10 min]
Considering the difference in experience and career achievements between these competitors it would have been an upset had the decision gone the opposite way. Vanderpool has shown good improvement over the last year but the rookie still has a way to go. Her biggest and most effective offensive weapon is her big boot but she never attempted to use it during this bout despite controlling at least a few moments through nefarious means. Fans were happy when Cherry won the match and the title by making Vanderpool submit

7) LADDER MATCH – “Hacker” Name On The Line
“Hacker” Scotty O’Shea def “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde [14 min]
Scotty O’Shea is riding a wave of popularity and success, Derek Wylde is Ontario’s hardest working (and highest flying) veteran. There were ladders (and tables and chairs). Small wonder that fans chanted “Match of the Night” and “Match of the Year” during and after this action packed semi-main event. Not sure why O’Shea’s “Hacker” name was on the line for this. Probably doesn’t matter now since he won the match.

8) MAIN EVENT – TCW Heavyweight Championship
Anthony Darko w/ “Infamous” Jay Moore def Sebastian Suave w/ Seleziya Sparx to retain the title [20 min]
This main event closed out the show in fine fashion as Darko and Suave tore things up from start to finish in a match that had fans rocking despite having to follow the Ladder Match and the fact that neither guys is particularly loved by fans. (Most picked Suave to cheer for) As expected, Jay Moore interfered in the match and Suave’s valet Seleziya Sparx also got involved in the action (at least her boobs did.) They each (Moore & Sparx, I mean) played a major role in the finish… After Suave kicked out of Darko’s trapped DDT Jay Moore jumped up on the apron and began arguing with the ref. This gave Darko opportunity to advance on Suave with a foreign object but Sparx snuck in the ring and punched him in the nuts before he could use it. Suave covered Darko but only got a 2 count. He then chased Moore around and into the ring where Sparx rocked him with a DDT. As Moore rolled under the ropes and Sparx exited the ring Darko and Suave turned it up for one last back and forth flurry of moves and nearfalls before Darko landed 2 consecutive trapped ddt’s to pin Suave and retain his title. After the match Moore thanked fans and reminded them they were at “TCW Anthony Darko”

There’s a 67% chance a wizard of id review will be posted soon.

TCW returns to Kitchener with an as yet unnamed show Sunday, September 25th featuring WWE star Harry DH Smith.

Announced Matches:
Mr Atlantis vs Scotty The Body
Rematch: Rip Atlantis vs Scotty Turner
Ethan Page vs Jake O’Reilly
Mixed Tag: Cherry Bomb & Shawn Spears vs Michael Elgin & Leah Von Dutch
Harry DH Smith vs Whoever he wants