Indy News Update #2 for August 16, 2011
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PWS sent this in:

Pro Wrestling Syndicate FIGHT NIGHT Live this Saturday night in Ronkonkoma NY (Long Island) at Center Island Sports on 101 Union Ave. Doors at 6pm, autograph signing at 6:30pm, Pre-Show Matches at 7:30pm, and main matches begin at 8pm. All remaining tickets (non front row) are just $20. First 100 fans in attendance will receive a FREE dvd. Call 1-800-838-3006 to order tickets or visit
WWE Hall Of Famer “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase

Harry Smith vs “The Boricua Beast” Danny Maff

Carlito vs Eddie Kingston

Tony Nese (c) vs Amazing Red vs Azrieal vs Brian XL

Necro Butcher vs Devon Moore

Sonjay Dutt vs Kevin Matthews with Alexa Thatcher

Urban Legends (c) vs Lone Rangers (Buck & Silver)

Javi Air vs Grim Reefer

Lucifer Darksyde with Spyra Andover vs Danny Demanto

“Samoan Mastadon” Fala vs “Big Juicy” Justin Corino

Brittney Savage vs Annie Social


Timmy Aiight vs Joe Ayyo

“Bulldozer” Matt Tremont vs “Big Game” Smith James

Beer’d Life vs Spaz & Kris Wreckz

Illah Ghee and Sav Killz with DJ J-Ronin

PTW sent this in:

RESULTS : from Power Trip Wrestling present “Now THAT’S Special!”, Saturday 13th August 2011, The Corn Market Hall, Kettering

* The Devil’s Rejects – (DM Morrelli & Jacob the Butcher w/Jonathon Judge) defeated The Leader & ‘Jivin’ Jonny Cruikshank (f)

* Introduced to the ring, were ‘The Youngest Authority Figure In Professional Wrestling’, PTW General Manager Drewy Staniforth, with ‘The Most Dangerous Little Girl In Professional Wrestling’, Victoria ‘Woo’ Staniforth. Drewy welcomed the crowd to the show, and thanked them for coming. Drewy spoke of how Hannah, gave him the General Manager job, and that his evil dad, ‘Luton’s Most Wanted’ P.T. Player, is always trying to bully him, and make decisions. He then went on to say how he and his sister had called for one of their dad’s longest friends in the wrestling business, but who isn’t happy about P.T.’s behaviour, to come over all the way from Philadelphia, USA; and help him keep P.T. Player in line.

Shaka (who was accompanied by Tommy Martins), came to the ring, and P.T, Player’s music interrupted them (P.T. was accompanied by Thomas Stevens & Mason Storm); and an argument ensued. P.T. then told the kids to get out of the ring, and leave it to the adults now, which lead to Mason Storm &Thomas Stevens attempting to attack Shaka & Tommy Martins, but Shaka & Tommy Martins ran the pair out of the ring. Drewy took the microphone from the outside, and as P.T. Player was having a tantrum asking him what he was going to do about it, Drewy made the matches for later on that night – for the PTW World Title, Thomas Stevens vs Tommy Martins, and for the PTW Internet Title, Mason Storm vs Shaka!

* (PTW IndyGirlz Match) Kate Houghton and Lauren Tomes went to a no contest, after five minutes, when they were interrupted….Chuck Cyrus came out, ordered the girls out of the ring, and spoke of how women have no place in the wrestling ring. Suddenly, the music hit, and Priscilla: Queen of the Ring (formerly Olivia/Ollie Burns) came out, challenged him to a match right there and then….

* Priscilla: Queen of the Ring defeated Chuck Cyrus.

* TITLE CHANGE! : ‘High Stakes’ Tommy Martins became the brand new (and two time) PTW World Champion, by defeating PTW World Champion ‘Teetotal’ Thomas Stevens w/’Luton’s Most Wanted’ P.T. Player & PTW Internet Champion Mason Storm. There was utter dissention and trouble in the ‘Family’, between Stevens/Player/Storm, with the two then champions showing their frustrations at an always distracted and clumsy P.T. Player. After the match, when an argument between the bad guys ensued, Tommy Martins took it to a new, and even further crowd pleasing level, by hitting a sit out slam on P.T. Player, and also a ‘World’s Strongest Slam’ on to Player as well, which certainly left it’s mark for the rest of the evening; as P.T. Player’s neck and back were very clearly bothering him during the rest of the show.

* (Six Man Tag Team Match) : TJ Sky & The Tiger Brothers defeated Saint Vio, The Nail, & Dow Jones

* Sean Midnight defeated Psycho Steve. It was announced pre match, that Sean Midnight is heading to Europe to wrestle in the upcoming months, and we at Power Trip Wrestling are very proud of him and his accomplishments.

* (10 Person Over The Top Rope Battle Royal) : Mr Portugal survived 9 other competitors, to take the very popular win.

* Main Event – TITLE CHANGE! : USA independent star Shaka, on his debut in the company, defeated PTW Internet Champion Mason Storm w/’Luton’s Most Wanted’ P.T. Player & Thomas Stevens, to become the brand new PTW Internet Champion!

This match saw Stevens and Player refusing to speak to each other, unless he and Mason Storm were blaming him for the mess of a situation. Player’s temper, saw him throw a pint glass of water over PTW World Champion Tommy Martins, and ran off. This match was hard hitting, stiff kicking, and intense. Shaka put in an incredible performance, and left with the gold.

But after the match, things got ‘real’. The arguments got physical in the ring, as P.T. Player slapped Thomas Stevens, and when he went to do it a second time, Stevens grabbed his arm to stop him, and kissed Player on the forehead….and threw him into Shaka, who quite simply choked P.T. out cold in the centre of the ring.

And then – the twist in the storyline! Thomas Stevens and Mason Storm said they were sick of carrying P.T. Player around, and in the words of Thomas Stevens, “we’d rather have the support of the fans, and do it the right way, than put up with you anymore. Oh, and by the way….she took your business, she stole your heart, and then she broke it….you’re not in charge anymore anyway….because the REAL boss is coming home….that’s right, Hannah’s coming back…and she didn’t even have to pay us to do this tonight!”.

This bombshell literally shocked both the fans, and the wrestlers backstage, as the reality sunk in….the hated group known as The Untouchables have split up, Thomas Stevens and Mason Storm may well have lost their singles championships to Tommy Martins, and Shaka, but they have found the morals and decency, and appreciation of the fans support once more; and left P.T. Player literally on his own, vulnerable, with his ex fiancee and business partner Hannah on her way back into the company.
The simple question is : What the hell happens next? Tensions at an all time high, both professional and personal, and a whole lot of drama and change in Power Trip Wrestling. We’ll find out, when the next PTW show is announced soon. Keep an eye out on for new video’s, promo’s, and footage from the show; as we have lots of typically crazy and silly video segments for you all to watch (some are up to view already).

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