Jason “JerseyViper” Namako sent these notes in:

According to PWInsider.com, here is a bunch of news and notes coming out of the TV Tapings in Chicago Ridge this past weekend.

* Jim Cornette announced during the tapings that the ROH TV Show will be available for free on the newly revamped ROH website, which is currently being worked to re-launch in the next month. However, there will be a premium pay version of the site, but details on it have yet to be announced.

* As of right now, the only 2 ways to see the show are if you are in a Sinclair market, or through the website. Sinclair is looking at getting the show in other outlets that have interest in the show and have a multi-year plan for the TV show and the company going forward. Also, Sinclair has plans to run the markets where the TV show will be broadcast beginning in 2012, but they have a specific schedule as the TV show is in its early stages of being on the air.

* The returning Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly will be the ROH announce team going forward as McGuinness is now with the company full-time.

* It is up in the air of where SHIMMER owner Dave Prazak’s future with ROH stands going forward. Prazak has said he will be happy with whatever role ROH has for him, however the ROH-SHIMMER relationship that has gone on for a number of years, has officially ended as of this weekend.

* In an update on Jerry Lynn working backstage this weekend for ROH, he is not officially under a TNA deal, thus allowing him to work backstage for the company.

* In reference to the new 20 x 20 ROH ring, the ring was built by OVW owner Danny Davis, who has had a good working arrangement with ROH in the last year, due to his affiliation with Jim Cornette in their time in OVW.

* No injuries to report of coming out of the tapings, however there were a lot of technical issues with the production, as they were doing a live to tape kind of shoot with the show, with the editing done live in a production truck outside. Most of the issues came from an audio standpoint, however ROH management was impressed with energy of the Chicago crowd, as they were louder in the re-shooting of different segments than in the 1st take.

* The next 2 TV Tapings, one in October and one in November, will be at the Davis Arena in Louisville, KY, the home base of Ohio Valley Wrestling. ROH has done TV Tapings there before under the HDNet banner.