CZW returned to the Arena for Tangled Web 4 on iPPV, before a packed house…one of the larger crowds in memory for a show in August for any promotion running the Arena. This was largely fueled by the main event, and the recent news about Drake Younger.

This show had LOTS of great stuff, and some well…not so much.

  • Chrisjen Hayme defeated Pinkie Sanchez, tHURTeen, Ty Hagen, Latin Dragon, HyZaya, Ryan McBride and. the returning Derek Frazier in an eight man two ring Aerial Assault match, pinning Sanchez. The originally announced Ricochet was absent due to “family reasons”, and Tony Nese was signed by WWE and pulled from the event.

    This match was a great start to the show with insane spots including Derek Frazier pulling out a wild dive on Hyzaya and McBride, HyZaya’s chair senton on Hayme and Sanchez…after stacking chairs on top of them while going up top one of his own, and tHURTeen channeling his inner Jack Evens with a reverse 450 off the Areial Assault platform onto five wrestlers outside the ring,. The finish saw a top rope reverse rana from Hayme off of the top of a platform onto Sanchez for the pinfall.

  • Drolix vs. Kit Osbourne vs…and…Mister (looked awfully familiar, under a mask) for the Drew Gulak Invitational turned out to be a backdrop for an angle, as Mr. Tofiga started plowing through the competitors, followed by Danny Havoc coming in to make a save. Tofiga plows through Havoc with a spear, then hits a Blue Thunder Driver on him. tHURTeen finally comes in with a chair to end the fun. Match ruled a no-contest
  • Azrieal/Bandido, Jr. defeated The Runaways (Joe Gacy/Ryan Slater) vs. BLK OUT (Alex Colon/Ruckus) vs. vs. The Set (Lance Lude/J-Sinn) compete for a CZW Tag Title opportunity

    Now for the two examples of “not so much”.

  • The Men’s Club USA segment was a nuclear, steaming dud. Callaway is great doing the “Fun Athletic Guy” character, but in short bursts. This segment seemed to go on forever, finished by Niles Young being “invited ” into Men’s Club USA, “turned them down”, and starting throwing out gay slurs. He was then chloroformed, “knocked out” dragged to the back and presumably “switched” (the words of Callaway and Larry Legend, not mine)
  • Greg Excellent’s “DJ Hyde mystery opponent” were two… the Nigerian Nightmares, who proceeded to demolish Excellent, finished with one Nightmare being superplexed by the other onto Excellent, who did a stretcher job. I hope this storyline is going somewhere, because it’s gone on longer than a lot of the crowd likes. Hyde’s good doing the heel owner (and is much better natural heel), but the whole heel authority figure/GM/owner deal is major league played out no matter what promotion does it.

    Back to the good…

  • Sami Callihan defeated the (hopefully not just once) returning BJ Whitmer by pinfall in a tremendous match. This match got crapped on by a loud, but small segment of the crowd. For someone who hadn’t been around in three years, Whitmer looked great, and everything he was crisp and clicked from moment one, including knee strikes and even pulling out a Peruvian necktie MMA submission on Callihan. The finish saw DJ Hyde go to the ring and ask for the bell, but Callihan rolled another Peruvian Necktie into a pinfall. Post match saw repeated lariats by DJ Hyde on Callihan, then sneering at Callihan that he’ll “never get his hands on Adam Cole” (translation: not until Cage of Death) . This was the best wrestling match of the night by far…furthered the DJ Hyde- Callihan storyline…both Callihan and Whitmer brought an A game. This one would have even been loved by the DGUSA and oldf Ring of Honor crowds.
  • Matt Tremont defeated Rory “Little” Mondo in an Ultraviolent Tables Match. The ultraviolent tables were soda cans cut halfway through with sharp edges pointing up. Match was good for what it was intended to be, but the underdog storyline of Mondo didn’t get over as well as might have been hoped, primarily because Tremont has gotten over so fast.
  • CZW World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore successfully defended his title against “BLK Jeez” Sabian in the Fans/Wrestlers Lumberjack Strap Match (fans could buy a raffle ticket for the chance to be drawn as lumberjacks). Match was good, but the clustermess of the heel vs.face lumberjacks running around challenging each other got in way of watching the match a little. The end of the match saw a false finish off of Sabian pinning Moore with Moore’s foot on the the ropes, Maven Bentley rushing the ring to demand a re-start the lumberjacks getting in the ring and a fast pinfall by Moore on Sabian.
  • Scotty Vortekz defeated “The Golden Boy” Drake Younger vs. Scotty Vortekz in the main event two Ring Psycho Circus Death Match: This saw a hanging cage on one side, one ring with a huge barbed wire pit suspended over it, and a scaffold by the side of the ring near the barbed glass panels in the second ring. Earlier than you would have expected, Younger and Vortekz wenr off of the scaffold through the barbed wire pit, and had to get pulled out by ringside staff. At one point, Vortekz got badly cut on the hand going through one of the glass panels (an artery?), with the match being briefly stopped so the cut on his hand could be taped shut. The end of the match saw Vortekz kick out of multiple Vertebreakers. return the favor and finally pin Younger.

    The crowd went nuts at the end, with chants of “Naptown Dragons” toward the end and afterwards. Post-match saw Younger go out of character, saying his “heat with Scotty Vortekz is squashed”. He then gave a shout out tor the man who created this match…JC Bailey, told the crowd what most of them knew (and the reason most likely went to the show)…that he and his wife just had a child, that he was “going home to be a dad for a while”, thanked the crowd, and told them to keep supporting CZW. Vortekz got on the mike and said they “are best friends who dreamed one day of just attending a wrestling show, and “now main evented one of the best events in the country”, then thanked Younger