Indy News Update #2 for August 12, 2011
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The Stro sent these notes in:

NWA-MSW presents ” Mountain Jaboree 2011 ” IPPV
NWA-MSW official website:
Saturday Aug. 20th
Youth Center
411 Old Main Dr.
Summersville, WV
NWA Mountain State Heavyweight championship
“Title vs Hair”
Karl (champion)
Johnny Blast
NWA East Heavyweight championship
Stryder (champion)
Scott Raines
NWA-MSW TV championship
“I Quit” match
Title vs. Career
“The Reaper” Matt Conard (champion)
Stro “The Maestro of Wrestling”
Street Fight Rules
Chad Cross
“Pitbull” Bob Brown
Contract on a Pole match
“Guaranteed NWA Mountain State championship match good for a year”
Justice vs. Bulldozer vs Lance Erikson
Match for vacated NWA-MSW Tag Team championship
Ricky Shane and ?
Bad Karma
NWA-MSW Jr. Heavyweight No. 1 Contender Invitational
Diablo Jr. vs. Crazii Shea vs ??????????

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NWA-MSW TV Taping event
Official website: http://www.nwamountainstat​
Saturday August 13th
Summers Co. Memorial Building
97 Park Avenue
Hinton, WV
7:30pm Showtime


NWA-MSW TV championship
“The Reaper” Matt Conard
Stro “The Maestro of Wrestling”

Lance Erikson
Ricky Shane

Plus: Johnny Blast, Diablo Jr, Bad Karma, Steve Off, Bob Brown, Boris Dragoff, Justice, Bulldozer, and more!

WSU sent this in: Releases “Martinez vs Lexus: 73 Minutes” & “Havok vs Alicia III: Last Woman Standing” DVDs

ORDER THESE DVDS & VIEW COVER ART DIRECTLY AT: is proud to announce that we have started production and will soon be shipping our two latest DVDs that were filmed on 8/6/11.

These shows are being universally praised by critics and fans all over.

Martinez vs Lexus features the longest match ever in womens wrestling history, as Martinez vs Lexus compete in a 73 minute match. Alicia vs Havok III features one of the most barbaric matches in WSU history. Full line-ups are included below and show reviews are at

“Martinez vs Lexus”

Main Event
For the WSU World Title
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Lexus

Uncensored Rules Match
Amy Lee vs Brittney Savage

Violet vs Gabby Gilbert

For the WSU Spirit Title
(c) Sassy Stephanie vs Amber

Serena Deeb vs Annie Social

Jana & Jessie “Bonesaw” Brooks vs Jennifer Cruz & Monique

For the NYWC Starlet Championship
(c) Nikki Syx vs Barbie

#1 Contender To The Spirit Title Match
Niya vs Allisyn Kay vs Tina San Antonio vs Marti Belle

Alicia vs Havok III
Last Woman Standing

Last Woman Standing Match
Alicia w/Mercedes Martinez vs Jessicka Havok w/The Midwest Militia

Brittney Savage vs Jennifer Cruz w/Monique & Rick Cataldo

Serena Deeb vs Rain

Sassy Stephanie & Allisyn Kay vs The Belle Saints

The Formation of The MIDWEST MILITIA

For the NYWC Starlet Championship
(c) Nikki Syx vs Niya

For the WSU Tag Team Championships
(c) The Boston Shore vs Jana & Jessie Brooks

Gabby Gilbert vs Rick Cataldo

Annie Social vs Monique

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For more on WSU, visit the following sites: home of WSU online where you can buy WSU DVDs (Updated daily with pictures, stories and more) – home of WSU’s “Uncensored” TV program.

Thank you for reading this press release & for your support of WSU.