Indy News Update #2 for August 10, 2011
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Joe Dombrowski sent this in:


On Sunday, August 7th, PWO Wrestling went into Overdrive with our biggest event to date, Wrestlelution 4. Another record crowd flooded into the Jacobs Pavilion to see the bar raised yet again.

To those that missed it, you can buy the replay right NOW, or anytime 24/7, available on demand at the following direct link –

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Kevin Nash & Aaron Draven w/Justin LaBar vs. Brodie Lee & Marion Fontaine video package –

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Full Circle Three Way Dance Matt Cross vs. Josh Prohibition vs. Johnny Gargano video package –

Short Results – Dan Arkham beat Will Esquire in a pre-show match; Jason Gory beat Michael Facade and PWO TV Champion Bobby Beverly in a three-way match to win the title; Ben Fruith beat Bobby Shields; Portia Perez beat Veda Scott; Kirst beat Corey Winters; Matt Cross beat Johnny Gargano and Josh Prohibition in the “Full Circle Three Way Dance”; PWO Tag Team Champions The Sons of Michigan (N8 Mattson & Benjamin Boone) beat Aeroform (Louis Lyndon & Flip Kendrick), The Homeless Handicapped Connection (Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe) and Brian Bender & Bryan Castle in a four-way elimination match; Tito Santana beat Nicki Valentino; PWO Champion Jason Bane beat Krimson in a No DQ match; Kevin Nash & Aaron Draven (w/Justin LaBar) beat Marion Fontaine & Brodie Lee. Attendance was approx. 2,200. Groovepipe appeared as the special live band. Shiima Xion was advertised but was unable to appear due to contractual commitments with TNA Impact Wrestling.

Full Results –

The large mouth of “Megastar” Marion Fontaine was at least temporarily shut due to a Jackknife Powerbomb from the legendary “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash followed by an “Omega” Aaron Draven splash from the shoulders of Kevin Nash. “Big Rig” Brodie Lee also tasted a nasty Nash chokeslam and Justin LaBar thwarted the attempted involvement of Fontaine’s biggest fan Aaron Maguire. Nash & Omega were an unlikely team but gelled well and got the job done. With the Fontaine/LaBar war of words seemingly behind us, what is next for PWO’s most controversial star Marion Fontaine and his hired heavy “Big Rig” Brodie Lee?

PWO fans were witness to the most violent and sadistic PWO Title Match ever as Jason Bane survived a hellacious war with “The Embodiment of Evil” Krimson. Krimson’s plan to hijack the PWO Title, and hold it and the goals & dreams of all PWO stars hostage until he had ultimate power and control over all, saw broken glass, thumbtacks, chairs, a ladder, blood, mist, the intervening of Krimson’s disciples Kirst & Gory and more. Jason Bane was beaten and battered in a way no man had ever come close to doing before, but Bane served his role as the last line of defense keeping the PWO Title from falling in the wrong hands.

“M-Dogg” Matt Cross was told on worldwide television four months ago that he wasn’t good enough. However, on this night he was. Cross won the “Full Circle Three Way Dance” involving his most well-known rivals Josh Prohibition and Johnny Gargano in a battle with 10+ years of history going into it. As Josh drove Gargano head-first into a table, Cross came from the top rope with a shooting star press onto both men. Then, Matt fulfilled a two-plus year goal of finally pinning Johnny Gargano. To all doubters, critics, and to the trainers and “insiders” who claimed Matt cannot do it and does not have what it takes, this is Matt’s answer to you. A PPV match, hailed as perhaps the best match of any kind in company history, that saw Matt Cross steal the show and emerge victorious.

Tito Santana won a battle for wrestling legends of all kinds, especially the 1980s, with a victory over “Late Nite” Nicki Valentino. Nicki had his fanny pack, zubaz style trunks, and even forced our ring announcer to do an old-school ring introduction, complete with Madison Square Garden-style bell ringing. Nicki also had his steal chain stuffed into his boot, nearly pinning Santana with the weapon. As Nicki went for the Figure Four Leglock, insulting Santana & Greg Valentine both by using their former trademark move, Santana small packaged Nicki for the win.

While Krimson wasn’t successful against Jason Bane, his two disciples came up huge. Jason Gory is the new PWO Television champion. Michael Facade had the title won for the third time in the past year, yet was robbed again. With the referee’s eyes on Bobby Beverly’s shoulders during a Facade bridging suplex pin, Gory punted Facade below the belt and stole the pin and TV Title, bringing it to Krimson’s camp. What will the Dead Wrestlers Society do with a title belt? Also, Kirst was successful in defeating his former partner Corey Winters. With that momentum, the DWS was so close to reaching their ultimate goal and if not for the freakish power and determination of Bane, no doubt would have gotten the job done. How will Krimson react to these Wrestlelution results?

The Sons of Michigan survived three challenging teams to emerge as champions still under elimination rules. The newest internet sensation in wrestling, “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron, fresh off of his endorsement from CM Punk, pinned Bryan Castle to eliminate he and partner Brian Bender first. Iron’s partner Hobo Joe was pinned by Flip Kendrick of Aeroform after a shooting star senton, leaving Flip & partner Louis Lyndon with The Sons (N8 Mattson & Ben Boone) as the final two. A split-second mistake by Aeroform, accidentally knocking Boone into the ropes on a pin attempt, gave the conniving champions one opening to capitalize and steal a win with a pull of the tights. The Sons are still champion by Aeroform, much like their ally Facade, are arguably the rightful winners.

Bobby Shields’ bullying tactics of the gullible lovable loser Ben Fruith came to a head. After pushing, slapping and even spitting on Fruith, Ben had had enough. Thinking back to the advice and pep talks by people like Gregory Iron, Hobo Joe, and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Fruith fought his heart out, kicking out of one of Bobby Shields’ Body Bombs and countering the second into the Fruith Roll-Up for a win that even surprised Fruith himself. The Wrestlerama Trophy, symbolizing the best moment in Fruith’s career and life, is now back in his own possession.

Special women’s action saw Portia Perez return to PWO for the first time in a year to pin young rookie from the Ring of Honor Academy, Veda Scott.

Top to bottom it was a live professional wrestling supercard with something for everyone that will not soon be forgotten and you can catch it whenever you want on at the following link –


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