Indy News Update #1 for August 9, 2011
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Danny Warren sent this in:

8/11- AOD Present Only The Strong Survive

We are just under three weeks away from the next event in line in the Alliance of Defiance’s reign over CWE! For the first time in almost a year a member of the CWE roster fired back a successful mission when “Hotshot” Danny Duggan jumped the hurdle that was Raven and won back his job on the roster after being fired by AOD leader TJ Bratt. Now after much demand the company returns to the North End of Winnipeg, perhaps the most successful neighborhood the stars of CWE competed in during the company’s two and a half years existence. Wrestling debuts at the Polish Fraternal Hall on the corner of Mountain and Arlington on Sunday, Aug 28th!

Sunday August 28th- Winnipeg, MB
Location: The Polish Fraternal Hall (768 Mountain Ave.)
Time: Doors Open 7pm, Bell time 7:30pm.
Tickets: $15 in advance, $18 at the door
Advance tickets available at: Advance Tickets Available at: Rudy’s Video (668 Sheppard St.), Blade Hair Design (3-1341 Henderson Hwy),
Purchase tickets online at

CWE Tag Team Title Match Main Event
CWE Tag Team Champions Team Impact w/Lacey vs. Former ROH World Champion Roderick Strong & AJ Sanchez

The Alliance of Defiance used some dirty pool when TJ Bratt used his authoirty to strip AJ Sanchez of the CWE Tag Team titles at Extreme Consequences. Bratt claimed that when Sanchez and Rhyno won the the tag team titles it was an impromptu match and was not a signed or agreed upon title match by the AOD`s Team Impact. Claiming to be a “fair man” Bratt offered Sanchez a rematch with a partner of his choosing this time with the titles being on the line. Sanchez selected former ROH World champion Roderick Strong, a man that took him to the limit when he was CWE champion just a week before Roderick won the ROH championship. Sanchez has had many opportunities against Impact with Impact using questionable means to avoid Sanchez winning the championships with different partners. Now with one of the hardest hitters in pro wrestling on his side can Sanchez finally win the tag team titles once and for all?

Moses Luke & Sabretooth vs. “The Murder City Saints” Nate Hardy & Darian Karisma

The AOD has taken the war to CWE but for the first time two men hailing from the same company the AOD came from hit the ring and it wasn’t to attack members of the CWE roster but surprisingly the Alliance of Defiance. Nate Hardy and Darian Karisma were both considered the two top stars in Manitoba not performing for the company until two months ago they made a shocking debut attacking the two largest men on the roster in Moses Luke and Sabretooth. Last month Hardy and Karisma repeated those same actions but explained that due to the Alliance of Defiance people where they came from had a bad reputation within the business and with these fans when in fact they the quite opposite of them and they actually appreciated and respected the fans of professional wrestling that supported the product. Stating they were the best tag team from where they came they were coming to CWE to test themselves against the most in depth tag division in the province. An angry TJ Bratt said they would have that opportunity on Aug 28th when they will challenge Moses Luke and Sabretooth.

#1 Contendership for the Open Rules Title- North End Street Fight
“Beautiful” Bobby Jay vs. “Misfit” Mike Mission vs. “Big” Cliff Coleone vs. Cory Diamond

The open rules titles has quickly earned the reputation of being the “tough guy’s” title with championship bouts being contested under some of the most violent and brutal matches on any given show. Champion Darren “The Bomb” Dalton, has a hardcore wrestling reputation dating back over 14 years across the country so it will take a pretty tough man to take that championship belt from him. His next challenger will be decided in a street fight to assure his next challenger is tough enough for the task! Former champion Bobby Jay looks to earn a rematch for the belt he lost to Dalton. Having developed a more aggressive mean streak this year, it is highly likely that Bobby Jay is the favorite going in. “Big” Cliff is fresh off a loss to Dalton in a first blood match where he proved he was able to go toe to toe with the champion and take him to the limit. The veteran Diamond and rookie Mission are both looking to find a permanent fixture on the roster and a big win here can just do that. Just like any given night in the North End this will be a fight to remember at The Polish Hall!

Also scheduled to appear, “Hotshot” Danny Duggan, Open Rules champion Darren “The Bomb” Dalton, Billy Blaze, Tyler Colton, Tommy Lee Curtis,”The Infamous” Steven Styles, the debut of TCW champion Ra’ am Dante, Brian Rich, “Pimp Daddy” Rick Matthews, Matt Fairlane, Zack Mercury and many more!

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NWS sent this in:

NWS Internet News Update For Week Of 08/08

Nicky Oceans Wins The 2011 J-Cup Defeating Devon Moore In A 5-Star Final Match, Johnny Candido Returns To NWS, More August Show News, And More

Hello NWS fans! This is your weekly update on what’s happened, what is happening now, and what is going to happen soon in the nation’s leading family-friendly pro wrestling promotion, National Wrestling Superstars.

Upcoming Shows This Weekend

No shows this weekend. NWS returns with a double-shot weekend August 19th & 20th (see below).
Results From Last Weekend

This past Saturday night August 6th, NWS presented its biggest show of the summer, the 2011 Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup Tournament, at Keanburg, NJ’s New Point Comfort Fire Company Hall. And the fans certainly made this one of NWS’ biggest night of the year, as it was a packed house worth standing-room-only fans all around, and this loud and energetic crowd certainly got their money’s worth.
The show opened with Chris Candido’s younger brother Johnny Candido coming out to the ring, making his first NWS appearance in over three years. Johnny thanked the fans for coming out and honoring his brother’s memory. NWS also welcomed Johnny’s and Chris’ father Dr. Don Candito, who flew up from Florida to join in the tribute to his son.
The twelve J-Cup participants were introduced, and the tournament rules were announced: The first round will be four triple-threat elimination matches, each match with a ten-minute time-limit. If there was no winner after ten minutes, a five-minute sudden-death overtime would occur, and if there was still no winner, the fans would vote for the winner. The semifinal round will be two singles matches also with a ten-minute time limit, and a five-minute sudden-death overtime period if no winner. The final match will have no time limit, one fall to a finish.
A rousing rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” was played, which was dedicated to the Navy SEAL’s who lost their lives in the tragic helicopter crash in Afghanistan.
MATCH #1 – FIRST ROUND TRIPLE-THREAT ELIMINATION MATCH: NWS Tag-Team Champion Jersey Shore Jocks member Chris D’Andrea vs. Nick Talent vs. current CZW Heavyweight Champion Devon Moore
Chris and Nick knew that Devon was the favorite, and they initially put aside their differences between their respective tag-teams and tried to take out Devon early. But it soon broke down into “every man for himself”. After a pitched battle, Chris hit a Senton Bomb from the top rope and pinned and eliminated Nick. Devon took advantage of the worn-out Chris, and when Chris went for a flying cross-body, Devon held on and rolled Chris over and held him down for the 1-2-3.
Winner, advancing to the Semifinal Round: Devon Moore
MATCH #2 – FIRST ROUND TRIPLE-THREAT ELIMINATION MATCH: ACE Wrestling star “Mad” Mike Donovan vs. “Too Hot” Steve Scott vs. NWS Jersey Shore Champion The Jersey Kidd
Donovan was content to let Steve Scott initially handle The Jersey Kidd, but when The Kidd was on fire from the start, and Donovan and Steve attempted to band together to take him out. But The Kidd held off both opponents, and Donovan and Steve also went after each other. After Donovan threw out Steve and hit a Fisherman’s Suplex on The Kidd, it looked as if The Kidd’s night would end early, but before he could get the pin, the bell sounded ending the ten-minute time limit. The match continued into the five-minute sudden-death overtime, and The Kidd reversed a Senton attempt by Donovan and rolled him up for the 1-2-3.
Winner, advancing to the Semifinal Round: The Jersey Kidd
MATCH #3 – FIRST ROUND TRIPLE-THREAT ELIMINATION MATCH: Chris Steeler vs. FWF Cruiserweight Champion “The White Urkel” B. Fehrm vs. “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie
Steeler and Smoothie decided this match should only be between the “big boys” and repeatedly shoved Fehrm aside to the corner. But Fehrm would have none of that, and jumped right back into the match. But despite fighting bravely, Fehrm was the first to be eliminated by a reverse sit-down piledriver from Smoothie and a 1-2-3 pin. Smoothie offered to shake hands with Steeler and have a sporting one-on-one matchup, but Steeler double-crossed him and hit a backstabber on Smoothie and pinned him 1-2-3.
Winner, advancing to the Semifinal Round: Chris Steeler
MATCH #4 – FIRST ROUND TRIPLE-THREAT ELIMINATION MATCH: NWS Tag-Team Champion Jersey Shore Jocks member Mike Dennis vs. NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans vs. Johnny Knockout
This was a high-flying piched battle, with Oceans and Dennis initially teaming up to try and negate Johnny. Johnny held his own, but eventually was tossed out leaving Oceans and Dennis battling in the ring. Oceans began “hulking up”, and then tried to channel the spirit of John Cena, but still could not put Dennis away. Johnny came back into the battle, but before anyone could get a pinfall the bell rang indicating the end of the ten-minute time limit. The five monute overtime began, and Johnny eventually took down Dennis with a full-nelson neckbreaker, but Oceans took advantage and hit his Boom-Boom-Pow finisher on Johnny and got the 1-2-3.
Winner, advancing to the Semifinal Round: “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans
Oceans shook hands with Johnny after the match in an unexpected show of sportsmanship.
It was announced that Devon Moore vs. The Jersey Kidd and Chris Steeler vs. Nicky Oceans would be the two semifinal matches.
MATCH #5 – BAKER’S DOZEN HEAVYWEIGHT BATTLE ROYAL – WINNER TAKES ON FORMER ECW/TNA STAR TOMMY DREAMER – SPECIAL REFEREE JOHNNY CANDIDO: Richard Michaels, “The Masked Odd-It-Tee” Goal-Duh (with Cartman), Mister Nick Gregory, “Tuff” Tony Scorace, Michael Reigns, Bobby Youngblood, Chill Will, “The Gipper” Steve Gipke, B.F. Saluka, Shock, “The Bounty Hunter” Johnny Ringo, 2 Rude Dudes (NWS Hardcore Champion “Corrupted” Corey Havoc & NWS Heavyweight Champion “Rampage” Rogers, with manager “The Don” Don Caruso)
It was a fierce brawl all over the ring. Goal-Duh eliminated Gipke and Scorace single-handedly, but the big man was eventaully eliminated himself by a big contingent. Bobby Youngblood went at the same time, and Johnny Ringo was eventually eliminated by Havoc and Rampage and Michaels. Shock saw the effectiveness of Don Caruso’s contingent and offered to join forces with the Don and his men, offering a show of loyalty by helping eliminate his old rival Michael Reigns. Shock was accepted into the fold. Meanwhile Saluka eliminated Nick Gregory, and he and Chill Will were pumped and ready to take on all of Caruso’s men at once. The smaller Chill Will was easily eliminated, but Saluka fought off all the opponents with his size, but Havoc stopped the big man’s momentum with a couple of shots to the head with a “Wet Floor” sign. Saluka was eliminated, and Havoc and Rampage then turned on their allies Michaels and Shock, blinding the both with handfuls of powder before eliminating them. It was down to just Havoc and Rampage, who wanted to leave as co-winners. Referee Johnny Candido insisted they fight, and they made a comical show of pretending to go at each other before they turned and leveled Johnny with a double clothesline. They threatened to send Johnny back on medical hiatus with a “Wet Floor” sign shot, but former ECW & TNA star Tommy Dreamer ran out from the back to save Johnny. Dreamer said he and Chris Candido had been ECW originals, and he had known Johnny since he was a little boy. He offered to take on both Havoc and Rampage himself later that night, but Johnny took the microphone and said he was ready to come back and wrestle and would be proud to team with Tommy against Havoc and Rampage, and since they had Don Caruso as their manager, Johnny called out Keansburg Firefighter Captain Steve Rogan as their manager. Comissioner Moore agreed and made the match.
During intermission, the fans posed for pictures with Tommy Dreamer and fellow ECW hardcore alum New Jack, who made a surprise appearance to sign autographs and meet the fans.
Before the show resumed, ring announcer Johnny Falco paid tribute to long-time Keansburg resident and fan and friend Joe Oliva, who passed away earlier this year, and honored his memory with a ten-bell salute.
MATCH #6 – SEMIFINAL ROUND MATCH: CZW Champion Devon Moore vs. NWS Jersey Shore Champion The Jersey Kidd
Devon jumped The Kidd before the bell,trying to seize the momentum early, but The Kidd battled back, and the two fought a high-speed battle all over the ring. Towards the end, after Devon missed a flying splash, The Kidd roared back, but he went for a flying dropkick into the corner and missed, Devon tried to roll up and pin The Kidd using his feet on the ropes for extra leverage, but the referee saw it and stopped the count. While Devon was arguing with the referee, The Kidd tried to sneak up behind Devon, but Devon saw him coming and felled The Kidd with a low back-kick, and rolled him up in a small package and pinned him 1-2-3.
Winner, advancing to the Final Round: Devon Moore
MATCH #7 – SEMIFINAL ROUND MATCH: NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans vs. Chris Steeler
Oceans appeared to be the crowd favorite in this match, and he did his best to befuddle Steeler early on. The match turned into a huge brawl, with neither man holding a big advantage. Oceans blocked a boot to the head from Steeler and hit an Enziguri, but then he went for a flying splash and Steeler rolled out of the way. Oceans then went for his Boom-Boom-Pow finisher, but Steeler fought out and hit a Backstabber on Oceans, but Oceans got a foot on the ropes when Steeler went for the pin. Steeler went for a superkick on Oceans, but Oceans blocked it and got Steeler up and hit his Boom-Boom-Pow this time and got the 1-2-3.
Winner, advancing to the Final Round: “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans.
MATCH #8 – CO-MAIN EVENT – TAG-TEAM GRUDGE MATCH – HARDCORE RULES: Former ECW/TNA hardcore icon Tommy Dreamer & Johnny Candido (with manager Keansburg Firefighter Captain Steve Rogan) vs. 2 Rude Dudes (NWS Hardcore Champion “Corrupted” Corey Havoc & NWS Heavyweight Champion “Rampage” Rogers, with manager “The Don” Don Caruso)
Johnny and Rampage started out and Johnny showed no ring rust at all. Havoc tagged in and insisted that Tommy tagged in, which he did, and the two battled, with Rampage getting shots in from the corner (which the referee could do nothing about as it was Hardcore Rules). But Dreamer battled back, leveled both Rampage and Havoc with a double clothesline, and tagged in Johnny, who came into the ring swinging a “Wet Floor” sign and cleaned house on both opponents. Johnny took down Rampage with a series of his patented spin kicks, and took him outside the ring and hit him and Havoc with a metal garbage can. Havoc and Johnny battled back into the ring, and Dreamer laid Rampage out on the mat, brought the ring bell over , and used the bell hammer to take down Rampage and Havoc before placing the ring bell over Rampage’s groin and literally ring Rampage’s bell to the delight of the crowd. After battling for a few more minutes, Johnny and Tommy placed Havoc and Rampage in adjoining corners, placed a chair over Havoc’s head and a metal sign over Rampage’s head, and hit flying dropkicks onto the chair and sign, knocking Havoc and Rampage cold. Don Caruso ran into the ring with his baseball bat to try and save his men, but Captain Steve Rogan jumped into the ring as well, grabbed the bat, and knocked Caruso out of the ring. Havoc and Rampage tried to take advantage of the distraction and attack Johnny and Tommy, but Johnny and Tommy reversed them and hit side-by-side DDT’s and got the 1-2-3.
Winners: Tommy Dreamer & Johnny Candido
MATCH #9 – CO-MAIN-EVENT – J-CUP TOURNAMENT FINAL MATCH: CZW Champion Devon Moore vs. NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans
Devon jumped Oceans as he was coming down to the ring, before the introductions were complete, and the fight was on. The fans were kept on the edge of their seat the entire match as these two finalists had a furious back-and-forth battle with numerous near-falls and submission holds. Oceans was clearly the crowd favorite in this battle. During the match, Devon got Oceans in a Camel Clutch, and Oceans got Devon in a reverse Botson Crab, but neither man would submit. Oceans once again channeled Hulk Hogan’s energy to try and regain the advantage after a flurry of offense from Devon, but could not pin him. Oceans missed an Enziguri in the corner and Devon tried to leap off the top rope to finish off Oceans, but Oceans caught him in an Atomic Drop, then got him up for his Boom-Boom-Pow finisher and got the 1-2-3 to the roar of the crowd.
Winner, and 2011 Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup Champion: “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans
As Oceans was handed the coveted trophy, the entire J-Cup Class of 2011 came out to congratulate Oceans and lifted him up on their shoulders as the crowd roared their appreciation. In a show of great sportsmanship, even Devon Moore shook Oceans hand and hugged him in congratulations as the show closed.
NWS To Be Featured On National Geographic Channel

For those who saw the TV cameras shooting footage, or were even lucky enough to be interviewed, NWS will be prominently featured in a documentary about pro wrestling that is scheduled to air on the National Georgraphic Channel on Wednesday August 24th at 10:00pm EDT.
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Other Upcoming Shows

Friday night August 19th, NWS returns to Essex County at the Belleville, NJ Knights Of Columbus Hall (98 Bridge Street, just off Belleville Avenue, minutes from the Parkway and Route 21) with a 7:45pm bell time.
Headlining this mega card is a former WWE tag-team champion, Hall of Fame member, and all-around legend from recent WWE TV, “Mr. U.S.A.” Tony Atlas.
And speaking of champions… they’ll all be there too. At the top of the list, the current NWS Heavyweight Champion “Rampage” Rogers will defend his title against former champion and current number-one contender Ray Ray Marz.
Originally from Union, now residing down in Seaside Heights, NWS Tag-Team Champions The Jersey Shore Jocks (Mike Dennis & Chris D’Andrea), who have been having some friction between them as of late, will need to put aside their differences as they will be defending their belts against the dangerous veteran duo know as Team Casanova (“The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans & Damian Darling).
NWS Hardcore Champion “Corrupted” Corey Havoc will battle the popular Atomic Dog for his title, and NWS Jersey Shore Champion The Jersey Kidd will defend his title in a three-way bout against “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie and an opponent yet to be named.
There will also be appearances by international star Danny Inferno, the “Giant Odd-It-Tee” Goal-Duh, Sweet Baby James, and much more!
Tickets are only $19 for adults and $17 for kids and seniors.
Saturday night August 20th, NWS returns after a long absence to the Asbury Park, NJ area at the V.F.W. Post 1333 Hall (701 Lake Avenue, just off Main Street/Route 71), with a 7:35pm bell time.
Headlining NWS’ return to Asbury Park after many years is a former WWE tag-team champion, Hall of Fame member, and all-around legend from recent WWE TV, “Mr. U.S.A.” Tony Atlas.
And speaking of champions, Seaside Heights’ own Jersey Shore Jocks (Mike Dennis & Chris D’Andrea), the current NWS Tag-Team Champions, will be in action. Mike and Chris have had some friction as of late… hopefully these two can put aside their differences for their Jersey Shore fans.
In addition, the newly-crowned NWS Jersey Shore Champion The Jersey Kidd himself will also be in Asbury Park, plus the popular “Atomic Dog” Ali, NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans, NWS Hardcore Champion “Corrupted” Corey Havoc, international superstar Danny Inferno, The New Nigerian Nightmares, and much more, including guest manager Alex Pinnix and Sargeant Jimmy “Ghidora The Three-Headed Monster” Storm.
Tickets are only $19 for adults and $17 for kids and seniors.
Tickets for all upcoming shows are available by calling the NWS box office at (732) 888-1704. All major charge cards are accepted, and group rates are available for groups of ten or more.
Keep reading this publication, as more details will be announced in the coming weeks.
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