Indy News Update #3 for August 8, 2011
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WSU sent this in:

WSU 8/6 Double DVD Taping Results; WSU Makes History & Major Faction Makes Presence Felt!

WSU returned on 8/6 to present a double dvd taping in Union City, NJ. The tapings had many explosive matches and just as many explosive announcements, as this was a huge day for WSU. These two shows, which were just jam-packed and critical for womens wrestling, were filmed for DVD. These DVDs will go on sale this week at

Here are the quick results from the shows:

Taping One Results

Allisyn Kay d. Niya, Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle in a 4-Corner match to become #1 contender to the WSU Spirit Championship when Kay pinned Niya after an overhead backdrop suplex. After the match Jessicka Havok came out to congratulate her protege. However, Alicia came out to crash the party and had a war of words for her opponent in the main event of taping 2.

Nikki Syx d. Barbie after a tombstone piledriver to retain the NYWC Starlet Championship.

Jana & Jessie “Bonesaw” Brooks d. Jennifer Cruz & Monique w/Rick Cataldo after Jana tapped out Monique to earn a shot at the tag team titles.

Serena Deeb d. Annie Social after a spear. This was a hard hitting match with some of the sickest and stiffest chops and punches in womens wrestling. Both girls were visibly marked up afterwards. After the match, Serena said she was the best in the world and wanted the world title. Rain came out to say that she deserved a shot for the world title. A match was made for the second taping.

Sassy Stephanie d. Amber to retain the WSU Spirit Championship after a “Kiss My Sass”.

Gabby Gilbert, the former Roxxie Cotton, made a successful return to WSU defeating Violet after a butterfly submission.

Brittney Savage d. Amy Lee in an Uncensored Rules match. This was a violent match. After the match, Lee announced her retirement from in-ring competition. Lee said that Savage was the future of the business and wanted to see her do things the right way. Savage thanked Lee and apologized to the fans for acting like a bitch the last two years. Savage said she is gunning for the World title and when she wins it, she’s dedicating her match to Amy Lee.

Mercedes Martinez d. Lexus in a record-breaking 73 minute match to retain the WSU World Title. This match was one of the best matches ever in womens wrestling history and many are calling it the womens wrestling match of the year. This is a MUST-SEE match and words do not describe the energy, passion, drive and pure awesomeness of this match.

Taping 2 Results

Annie Social d. Monique w/Rick Cataldo after a split-legged stunner. After the match, Cataldo complained that his new charge Monique didn’t get the job done against his former client. Cataldo ran down his history in WSU and said he was the best Beatdown Bettie ever in WSu, which led to…

Gabby Gilbert d. Rick Cataldo. The former Roxie Cotton made quick work of her former partner. With losses to the former Beatdown Betties & Brittney Savage on this taping, it seems Rick Cataldo needs to come up with a new plan to be successful in WSU.

The Boston Shore (Amber & Lexus) d. Jana & Jessie “Bonesaw” Brooks to retain the WSU Tag Team Titles.

Nikki Syx d. Niya to retain the NYWC Starlet Title via submission. Syx is starting to become a force in WSU.

Sassy Stephanie vs Allisyn Kay in a Spirit Title match went to a no-contest when Jessicka Havok came out to interrupt the match. Havok ran down the real-life stories of all three wrestlers and how they all come to WSU from the Mid-west. Havok said it’s time for them to take over and get all the spotlight, as WSU has become too northeast-centric. This is a speech that has to be seen to be believed. The three ladies then called themselves the MIDWEST MILITIA and promised to be the biggest force ever in womens wrestling. Havok told Kay & Stephanie not to fight each other and to the fans disappointment, Stephanie flipped the fans off and joined the Militia.

Sassy Stephanie & Allisyn Kay d. The Belle Saints. The Saints said this was disgusting and they were pissed that they just wrestled for a shot at the Spirit title and the Midwest Militia pulled this. The Saints challenged the new Midwest Militia, but went down in defeat. The Belle Saints showed more problems between the team. After the match, The Saints verbally went at each other. Marti said she was sick of Tina putting her down and on 11/19 on iPPV, Marti Belle is going to drop a bombshell about Tina San Antonio’s personal life.

Serena Deeb d. Rain. After the match, The Boston Shore attacked Serena & Rain. The Shore said they are tired of not being treated like main eventers around here and said they will take the fight to them.

Brittney Savage d. Jennifer Cruz w/Monique & Rick Cataldo. After the match, Savage gave Cruz & Monique diamond cutters for good measure.

In a Last Woman Standing Match
Jessicka Havok w/The Mid-West Militia vs Alicia w/Mercedes Martinez went to a no-contest.
This is another match that words can not describe. This was insane. Tables were broken. Doors were crashed through. Chairs were smashed. Bottles of liquid flew. This was pure violence and insanity. You need to see this match, as this Havok vs Alicia feud has easily become feud of the year. After sending Havok through a door after a cross arm powerbomb, it looked like Havok wouldn’t answer the 10 count. Kay attacked Mercedes on the outside while Stephanie attacked the referee. This then led to the Mid-West Militia taking out the two biggest names and champions ever in WSU, as the Militia brutally destroyed Alicia & Martinez. Jessicka Havok said the she promised she was going to KILL Alicia, and started to smother her with a towel. Brittney Savage ran out and laid out Kay with a steel chair and diamond cut Stephanie. Savage went to diamond cut Havok, but Havok fought her off and bailed. This then led to a major war of words with a 6-woman tag between Team WSU vs The Mid-West Militia being signed.

However, PRYMETYME AMY LEE came out and announced that she was given the job of WSU Commissioner. Lee said she wasn’t going to waste time and was going to make big decisions right off the bat. Lee announced that WSU had two iPPVs on their calendar, 11/19/11 and 3/3/12. Lee announced that the 6-woman tag was signed, but it would be in a WAR GAMES match, a first in womens wrestling. Lee announced that she wasn’t going to wait around and announced the three top matches for WSU’s 5th Anniversary Show on 3/3/12 and signed Martinez/Havok, Stephanie/Savage and Kay/Alicia. Lee said that if any of the champions lost their titles before then, it wouldn’t matter as these matches were final, which gives an incentive for the challengers to make sure the champions retain until then. Lee also announced that Cindy Rogers would be inducted into the WSU HOF at the March event.

This was a major war of words and it felt like a complete warzone. This may have been one of the most aggressive and sadistic verbal battle ever in womens wrestling.

After the taping was concluded, a special ceremony was held for Amy Lee, as WSU officially gave her a send-off due to her in-ring retirement.

These tapings are getting great and rave reviews all over the internet. DVDs of these shows will go on sale this week at with bonus footage added. Don’t take our word about the high quality of the shows. Check out these live show reviews:





Article on Martinez vs Lexus Going a Record Breaking 73 Minutes:

WSU officially announced their next two iPPV dates, as WSU returns on 11/19 with Breaking Barriers II featuring a War Games Match between The Midwest Militia vs Team WSU. WSU also returns on 3/3/12 with the 5 Year Anniversary show. Full details of these shows to be announced in the upcoming weeks.
For more on WSU, visit the following sites: home of WSU online where you can buy WSU DVDs (Updated daily with pictures, stories and more) – home of WSU’s “Uncensored” TV program.

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Tony Givens sent this in:

This past Thursday’s NWA Smoky Mountain Card entitled: The Big One featuring the incredible, must-see Main Event between ROH Champion Davey Richards vs. Chase Owens in now available on DVD at

This match is already being called one of the greatest matches in the long, storied history of wrestling in East Tennessee… May longtime fans, and wrestlers alike called the match “The best match I’ve ever seen live.” The match ended in an emotional standing ovation which can be seen in this video:

The card also featured a match between Jason “The Gift” Kincaid and ROH Star Kyle O’Reilly that was so good that O’Reilly, immediately after the match, Tweeted that Ring of Honor should bring in Jason so they could have a rematch.

Here is the match listing for the DVD:

ROH Heavyweight Title Match
Davey Richards vs. Chase Owens

The Return of John Hawkins

NWA Smoky Mountain Title Match
Keith Knox (c) vs. The Bulldozer

6 Man Tag Team Action
Tony Givens, Chris Richards & Josh Cody
vs. Beau James, Robbie Cassidy & Wayne Adkins

Jason Kincaid vs. Kyle O’Reilly

NWA Smoky Mountain Tag Team Title Match
Tony Kozina & Sigmon vs. Lukas Angle & Jeff Connelly vs. Legit Dynamite

& much more… Available NOW at