Indy News Update #1 for August 4, 2011
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Adam Ginsberg sent this in:

The past 2 years, Conflict Resolution has been an event that has set the tone for the following months anniversary show. It has been the stage where Ric Ellis crossed the line and took out Adam Ginsberg, Chris Evans won the West Coast Championship, and when the new West Coast Wrestling Company season begins. This year promises to be no different. The Wild Card Title is vacant; giving us two Triple Threat Matches that will see the winners face off at Wrestle War in September. Former West Coast Champion, Ric Ellis makes his highly anticipated return to the company. Rocky Romero also returns to take what he believes is his, and that is the West Coast Championship. With that said, here is the rundown of one of the biggest nights in company history.

Main Event – West Coast Heavyweight Championship
Devin Sparks (c) vs. Rocky Romero
Rocky Romero is no stranger when it comes to challenging for the West Coast Title. Debuting at last year’s anniversary show he fell short to then champion – Ric Ellis in a close encounter. Forward to January of this year, Rocky along with Brandon Gatson were scheduled to meet for the vacant West Coast title. As the match was in progress, Devin feeling slighted about not being part of the match interfered and the bout went to a no contest. Before the next event was to happen, Rocky informed us that he had suffered an injury and would have to bow out, forfeiting his spot. It was that very event in February when Devin became a 2x West Coast Champion. With Devin on a tear as champion, Rocky now 100% will finally get the match he never got to have at Conflict Resolution. Will Rocky finally be able to grab the gold on August 20th or will Devin add another name to his growing list of defeated challengers?

Ric Ellis vs. ” The New Age Punisher” B Boy
After almost a year away from the ring, Ric Ellis makes his return to The West Coast Wrestling Company. It was his last match against Davey Richards, Ellis sufering a knee injury, knew his injury was going to put him away for some time. During this time, one man who is no sranger to Southern California wrestling, or wrestling period was returning to combat with a vengence. That person is the “New Age Punisher” B Boy. Having won titles all over the world, B Boy wants to be the first person Ric Ellis sees in his return back. This match promses to be a show stealer.

Tyler Bateman (w/ RAZE) vs. Blood Thirsty Vixen Amanda
While she may be making her debut, The Blood Thirsty Vixen Amanda is no stranger to the mat wars of Southern California. Amanda has done battle with nearly every woman in SoCal and win or lose in doing so she has made a name for herself here and throughout the United States. Amanda’s hunger for new competition and new challenges along with her battle hardened mindset will serve her well as she sets company history when she steps into the ring with Tyler Bateman as he is lead into the fray by his manager RAZE in West Coast Wrestling Company’s first inter-gender wrestling match. Wasting no time since their return in January the two have wasted no time in establishing Bateman as one of the most aggressive, physical wrestlers in the WCWC. Since the last show Bateman, under the watchful eye of RAZE, has been active in Texas, Nevada, and got to work out in New Jersey with New Japan Pro Wrestling. The West Coast would have been hard pressed to find a tougher opponent to test The Blood Thirsty Vixen’s mettle.

A-List vs. Duke and Jarek Matthews
Simply born better one of the West Coast Wrestling Company’s resident tag teams, the A-List, has had a majority of wins since their debut. Their opponents have ranged from seasoned tag teams to guys who team up in hopes of taking down this established pair; still the A-List stand strong as one of the West Coast Wrestling Company’s most dominate tag teams. Enter Duke and Jarek Matthews: Duke is large, loud, and tattooed with a chip on his shoulder while his diminutive partner Jarek Matthews is a high strung, straight edge, suplex specialist who is always having the best day ever. This fledgling team looks to prove that opposites attract as they make their debut at the West Coast Wrestling Company against the A-List.

Triple Threat Match #1 qualifier for the Wild Card Championship to meet Sept 17th
Brandon Gatson vs. Jacob Diez vs. Todd Chandler
In the first of two Triple Threat Matches to crown a new Wild Card Champion, all three of these men are all viable contenders to the Wild Card title. All three men are also not strangers to holding titles, as they have in their respective careers. Todd Chandler will be making his West Coast debut, and one has to believe he is going to make a lasting impression.

Triple Threat Match #2 qualifier for the Wild Card Championship to meet Sept 17th
So Cal Crazy vs. Famous B vs. Vintage Dragon
The next Triple Threat Match to determine the second #1 contender for the Wild Card Championship is an anticipated bout between three fast paced, high flying wrestlers. Making his return to the West Coast Wrestling Company is Southern California favorite SoCal Crazy who is revamped and ready for action. Pitted against another crowd favorite, Vintage Dragon, and break out Santino student Famous B this match is sure to deliver.

This and so much more!

Saturday August 20th – Doors 6:30 PM – Belltime 7:00 PM
Trevi Entertainment Center – 32250 Mission Trail – Lake Elsinore, Ca 92595
Tickets $10 All Ages


Next West Coast Event – Wrestle War the 3 Year anniversary – Sat. Sept 17th @ Trevi