Indy News Update #1 for August 2, 2011
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IWF Wrestling NJ sent this in:

NOW is the time to LIVE YOUR DREAM at IWF Wrestling School. Our next Beginner Class starts this Wed, Aug 3 for ages 18 & up. Our Youth Summer Clinic is this Sat, Aug 6 & Sun, Aug 7 for ages 13 to 17. Details below. See YOU in the RING!

Steven Ashe sent this in:

Saturday, July 23 2011
Deathproof Wrestling
POLISH HOUSE 2000! (Polski Dom 2000)
Outdoor show
Attendance: Aprox 100 plus a gazillion mosquito’s
Ring Announcer: Adam Haze
Referees: Vander Cruz, Jeremy Hogel
Special Guest Referee: Kandi Kaos
Results credit: Gordo for

Event was in support of Cystic Fibrosis Canada

Pre Show: Warhed and Brandon Flip pounded each other with hockey sticks, chairs and thumbtack-covered kitchen utensils for 10 minutes after which Warhed asked fans if Flip was worthy of a spot on the main card and they said sure, why not.

Main Show:

1) Deathproof Tournament First Round
Falls Count Anywhere Match:
“Hacker” Scotty O’Shea def “The Kahuna Kid” Johnny Wave [13 min]

2) Deathproof Tournament First Round
2 out of 3 Tables Match:
Jesse “.ing” Amato def “Vanilla Gorilla” Steve Brown 2 table breakages to 1 [9 min]

3) Deathproof Tournament First Round
Knock The .er Out Match:
“The King of KO’s” Joey Kings w/ Mr Melo def “Psycho” Mike Rollins by Knockout [6 min]

Not So Random Stupidity:
PD Flex w/ Warhed and 3 people from the audience demonstrated the “” method of enjoying a shot of tequila… snort the salt, drink a shot of tequila then bite into a lemon and sqeeze the juice into your eyes.

4) Deathproof Tournament First Round
Unlucky 7 Staple Gun Match:
Warhed def PD Flex – Match was tied at 3 apiece when the stapler broke. They fought using light-tube constructs and special guest referee Kandi Kaos as weapons until the time limit expired. Kaos then ruled they would continue with the first man to staple a dollar to the other a winner. Warhed stapled Flex seconds later to win the match. [15 min]

5) Deathproof Tournament First Round
Intergender Submission Match:
“The Ronin” Josh Alexander def Jodi D’Milo by Tapout to Drowning [12 min]

6) Deathproof Tournament First Round
First Blood Match:
Justin Sane def DieHard who bled after a Sane kick to the back of the neck drove him head-first into the ringpost. [4 min]

Intermission: “World Renowned Vanilla Gorilla” Steve Brown hosted a Dunk Tank competition/charity toss.

Special Attraction – Softcore Before Hardcore Lap Dance Contest:
Host: Steve Brown w/ Joey Kings
Lap Dancers: Kandi Kaos and Queen Areola (Not sure that’s her name but it fits.)
Laps provided by: “Recently Single” Ethan Page & PD Flex
The girls danced & flashed their boobs. It was declared a tie

7) Fatal 4-Way Fresh Meat Challenge
Winner guaranteed a spot on the next Deathproof event:
“The Entertainer” Buck Gunderson def Dallas Carter, Brandon Flip and DieHard [4 min]
Buck pinned Carter after Joey Kings & PD Flex attacked everyone in the match. Gunderson was powerbombed onto Carter who had suffered the same move seconds earlier which led to the pin.

8) Deathproof Tournament Semi Final – 3 Way Dance:
“The King of KO’s” Joey Kings w/ Mr Melo def “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea and “The Ronin” Josh Alexander [4 min]

9) Deathproof Tournament Semi Final:
Justin Sane def Jesse “.ing” Amato [8 min]
This was supposed to be a 3 Way Dance like the other Semi-Final but Warhed couldn’t compete due to injuries suffered earlier in the show.

10) Deathproof Tournament Final:
Fans Bring The Weapons Match:
“The King of KO’s” Joey Kings w/ Mr Melo def Justin Sane [6 min]
After winning the match and accepting the trophy Kings declared his tournament win a championship which he named the Deathproof Ultra Violent Championship and said he would defend it against anyone who had the balls to challenge him. In addition to being the 2011 Deathproof Tournament winner and now also the first ever Deathproof Ultra Violent Champion Joey Kings set another unbreakable milestone by being the man to hand Justin Sane his first ever loss on a Deathproof show.