Indy News Update #3 for August 1, 2011
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Juggalo Championship Wrestling presents: LEGENDS AND ICONS
Friday Night August 12rh, 2011
At the 12th Annual Gathering of The Juggalos
Cave In Rock, Illinois

The greatest legends, and icons have been gathered for the most explosive legends show in wrestling history. Witness this amazing event live and in person at this one of a kind festival or from the comfort of your home on Internet pay per view via

Future Hall of Famer, former WWE and TNA commentator and NY Times Best Selling Author Mick Foley will be joining “The Voice of JCW” Kevin Gill (KG) at the commentary table to bring the viewers at home insight and analysis of the legendary action taking place in the ring live as it happens, during this once in a lifetime spectacular.

1. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. Tito Santana (Steel Cage Match)
On July 6th, 1985 in Baltimore, Md Tito Santana faced Greg Valentine in a steel cage match for the prestigious Intercontinental championship. This legendary encounter set the standard for Steel Cage Matches and is still talked about to this day as a defining moment in wrestling history. Tito defeated Greg on this fateful night to capture his second Intercontinental title. Greg Valentine was a sore loser, and he ruined what should have been the greatest night of Tito’s career. 26 years later, both of these WWE Hall Of Famers will step inside a steel cage for the long overdue rematch at the Gathering Of The Juggalos to settle the score. It’s not just pride on the line, as the stunning Legends And Icons trophy will be awarded to the winner!

2. The Rock N Roll Express Vs The Headbangers
Classic Rock Vs Punk Rock Tag Team Match!

The Rock n Roll Express are one of the most popular tag teams in the history of Professional Wrestling. Formed in 1983 by Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson they harnessed the good-natured rebellion of classic rock n roll music. They captured countless championships coast to coast, and their fast paced tandem offense and signature double dropkicks have put many competitors down for the count! The music world has changed dramatically since those days of bandanas and mustaches, and former WWE Tag Team Champions The Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher) bring the tattoos, piercings, and mosh pit fury from the 1990’s revival of punk rock and metal. Crass, unapologetic, and disgusting at times, The Headbangers want to get their hands raised, but the Rock N Roll Express plan to prove that “Rock N Roll Is King”.

3) Bob Backlund Vs Ken Patera “The Olympic Strongman”
Rematch from their 1981 series of matches at Madison Square Garden.
In one corner you have the longest running WWF champion of all time, with an outstanding amateur track record, Bob Backlund. In the other corner stands The Olympic Strongman, Ken Patera who competed in the 1972 Olympics.
In a dramatic return to the ring for both competitors, they will rewind the clock to 1980, where they captivated New York City’s Madison Square Garden for 3 sold out nights in 1980. January 21st, February 18th, May 19th marked the dates that these two men clashed, and the in the first two matches, the results were inconclusive. In what would be their final meeting Backlund got the win, in an award winning Texas Death Match that garnered Match Of The Year honors. Ken Patera never got his rematch, claiming Backlund cheated him and he’s been waiting 31 years for the opportunity to prove that he is the better man. That night is rapidly approaching.

4. Memphis Madness 4 way Match featuring KoKo B. Ware Vs Kamala Vs Jerry “The King” Lawler Vs Dutch Mantell!
Memphis, Tennessee is woven into the fabric of our society through the great city’s contributions to culture and society. The world of music would not be the same without the colorful and diverse artists that Memphis brought to the world. Neither would the world or professional wrestling! The Memphis territory delivered masked men of mystery, charismatic motor mouths, and pop culture icons and established television ratings records that will never be equaled, and broke attendance records and racial barriers. This special match up puts four of the most legendary performers from the region together in one ring, for one very special match chock full of Memphis Memories.
Jerry “The King” Lawler is a WWE Hall Of Fame wrestler, and a living legend. A crown-wearing mastermind in the ring, on the mic, and behind the scenes. The charismatic king has starred in major films alongside Jim Carrey and even got into it with Andy Kaufman on David Letterman’s Late Night Televion show.
Koko B. Ware is the Birdman, with his faithful parrot at his side. Bursting out of Memphis into the 80’s WWF, Koko went on to the Hall Of Fame and is one of the most widely remembered stars out of Memphis for his entrances and in ring performances.
Kamala The Ugandan Headhunter: Who could forget the terrifying Ugandan giant? If you were somehow able to forget the vision of his painted face and body, wild beard, native garb and spear…. You would never be able to get the vision out of your head of this savage eating live chickens on television, or the violent acts this barefooted Wildman commits in the ring.
Dirty Dutch Mantell’s career took a huge leap forward in 1982 when he squared off with Jerry Lawler in a match that put two of the most popular wrestlers in Memphis against each other which was a very rare occurrence at the time. Dutch’s gained invaluable experience as a headliner in Puerto Rico for many years which may give him the advantage when these four superstars bring the Memphis Memories back to the forefront of your mind.

5) Tracy Smothers vs. Wildfire Tommy Rich –
First Time Ever!

Tracy Smothers and Tommy Rich have been wrestling for a combined total of 66 years, and these two unique and wildly popular icons of southern wrestling have competed in dozens of country’s, and wrestled everyone from bears to world champions across all the major wrestling organizations from WCW to ECW and all points in between. They’ve done it all as singles wrestlers, and worked together as a tag team in the groundbreaking Extreme Championship Wrestling. But for all their hard fighting, and hard living, there is one thing they’ve never done and that’s go one on one in the squared circle. The “Wild Eyed Southern Boy” will face off with former NWA world heavyweight Champion “Wildfire” Tommy Rich, making wrestling history, and cementing their legacy as two of the greatest in the game. But who will reign supreme?

6) Raven Vs Al Snow Vs Rhino Vs Balls Mahoney Vs Shane Douglas Vs ????(Mystery Competitor)
Philly Madness

Philadelphia, Pa’s Extreme Championship Wrestling brought forth a wrestling revolution that changed the wrestling business forever, introducing a new look, feel and style to the industry while creating a new generation of stars that were plucked from their talented locker room by WWE and WCW and went on to lead the industry to it’s highest grossing years of all time. These men are synonymous with this region and company bring us back to South Philadelphia to find out who’s really the most extreme of them all!

Raven, the brooding anti-hero is often referred to as the Robert DeNiro to Paul Heyman’s Martin Scorsese in shaping twisted emotional moments that blur all the lines. Raven is a decorated veteran who is a master of mind games and hardcore weaponry and he specializes in chaos, so he may be the odds on favorite to win.

Al Snow is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Super talented in the ring, but suffering from mental health issues, he took his career to new heights in ECW when he listened to the voices in his head. His head of course being the mannequin head that accompanies him to the ring, and often gets involved in his matches.

Rhino is called “The War Machine” for a reason. Explosively strong, incredibly powerful, the man beast brings it to the ring every time the bell rings. Rhino hasn’t missed a step since the glory days of ECW and he remains a top draw and a force to be reckoned with as he travels the world chalking up victories.

Shane Douglas is called “The Franchise” because he was a cornerstone of the formation of Extreme Championship Wrestling and his rebellious attitude, in ring aptitude and knack for controversy made the world take notice of the young ECW, and everyone from Ric Flair to Scott Hall felt the wrath of The Franchise at one point in their legendary careers.

Rikishi and Brian Christopher (Too Cool) Vs The Powers Of Pain!

The Powers Of Pain are mean. Some people say they were born that way. Their tough as nails raw boned approach to combat, along with their jacked physiques and colorful face paint has intimidated many of their opponents before the bell even rings. Their battles with Demolition have been legendary, and their spike piledriver of Hulk Hogan will live in fan’s memories forever.

Rikishi and Brian Christopher (Formerly Too Cool in WWE) are the unlikely team of a mammoth member of the legendary Samoan family dynasty in professional wrestling, and a member of wrestling’s royal family. Rikishi is a member of the Ano’i family and is a cousin of the Legendary “Rock” Dwayne Johnson. From the streets of San Francisco, Rikishi performed with a street break-dancing troupe for money before making his pro debut before his 20th birthday. His partner Brian Christopher is the son of Wrestling Royalty and has his own legacy as a top regional, national, and international competitor. This team harnesses the power of hip hop music and incorporates comedy and dance into their matches, much to the delight of their fans around the world. Let’s hope they understand the Powers of Pain are no laughing matter.

8) 10 Man “Eliminations For Generations” Battle Royal Rumble Match.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Tony Atlas
Honky Tonk Man
Superfly Jimmy Snuka
“Big Daddy V” Viscera
Rob Conway
Zach Gowen
Ronnie Garvin “Hands of Stone”
U-Gene Dinsmore

A mix of legends from the past and present as well as future hall of famers, take part in this very unusual match where pinfalls, submissions, and over the top rope eliminations count. Who will stand victorious?

9) The NWO (New World Order)
Scott “Razor” Hall & Kevin Nash


Degeneration X (DX)
“The Road Dogg” Jesse James & “The Bad Ass” Billy Gunn

Special Guest Referee: Sean “X-Pac” Waltman

First Time Ever Match Up!!
The two biggest factions in wrestling history drove the industry to the Monday Night Wars and were responsible for the most controversial moments on prime time television. In terms of ticket sales, merchandise, and creativity these two factions were equal forces on opposites sides of a war between Vince McMahon’s WWE and Ted Turners WCW that went head to head on weekly television and captured the attention of the world. The only thing these two groups have never done is to face off with each other in the ring. For the very first time in the rich history of professional wrestling, these two iconic forces will square off in a truly one of a kind dream match. Fans have speculated for years what might happen if these two groups were to tangle…well the world will find out on Friday August 12th.

The New World Order was formed by Scott Hall and Kevin Nash who had jumped from WWE to WCW in controversial fashion, and brought a sense of danger to the screen. These two WWE icons were now taking over the competition. Joined by their lifelong friend Sean Waltman, these 3 men lived the gimmick and the dream, and were inseparable on camera and off as they changed the face of wrestling forever.

Degeneration X was formed in response to the New World Order, which had heated up the airwaves and captured the imagination of the world. The fast talking Road Dogg, and the muscular Bad Ass Billy Gunn brought adult content to the ring and beyond when their homie X-Pac was fired from WCW in controversial fashion and jumped ship. If you’re not down with that, they got two words for ya….

Special Referee Sean “X-Pac” Waltman was part of the foundation and formation of two of the biggest wrestling factions of all time, and he knows the players inside and out. Who better to be the third man in the ring, calling it right down the middle in the biggest tag team battle in history?

10) Main Event:

Terry Funk Vs Roddy Piper With Cowboy “Bob” Orton- I QUIT MATCH!
Never before have two of the greatest legends in the history of the sport squared off with each other in a one on match up. Add to the intrigue “I Quit” rules, in which one competitor must say the words “I Quit” over P.A. system in order for the match to conclude. And there is no quit in either of these men.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper was so good at being hated in the 80’s that he became one of the most beloved figures of all time. His work in the ring and on the mic is truly second to none, and there is absolutely nothing this superstar has not accomplished in his long and storied career. Transcending wrestling, Roddy Piper is truly woven into the fabric of Americana, and with his “Ace” Bob Orton in his corner, wearing that ominous cast on his arm, protecting an injury that has taken over 20 years to heal, anything can truly happen.

“Terrible” Terry Funk walks a fine line between respected and beloved veteran and completely insane maniac as his wild mood swings and evil disposition can turn a heartfelt moment into a blood chilling one in the blink of an eye. From the double cross ranch in Amarillo Texas and the famous Funk Family of wrestling, Terry will be fighting for pride, respect, and the definitive answer as to who is the greatest wrestler of all time.