Indy News Update #1 for July 28, 2011
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Joe Dombrowski sent this in:

Now Online – PWO TV #128: Johnny Gargano vs. Brodie Lee

PWO Wrestling – your televised pro wrestling alternative, with more guts, more desire, and more heart, from a young hungry roster competing to steal the show. Old school meets new age and tradition meets tomorrow, its pro wrestling the way you want it to be! It’s Cleveland-owned, nationally renowned!

Watch this week’s episode right here –

Johnny Gargano vs. Brodie Lee (Guest Commentator – Matt Cross)
“Big Rig” Brodie Lee has been absolutely tearing through everyone in PWO he comes across en route to going face-to-face with Kevin Nash as part of a tag team war at Wrestlelution 4. It’s no surprise that PWO’s evil genius, the recently-returning Josh Prohibition made a deal with Brodie to take out Gargano before Josh, Gargano and Matt Cross meet in a “Full Circle Three Way Dance” at Wrestlelution 4. Brodie will have Fontaine at ringside with him, you have to believe Josh & his masked sidekick will be close-by, and “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross will be a guest commentator! Gargano is in no-man’s land, but we also understand that Aaron Draven & Justin LaBar are rumored to be in attendance as well! ANYTHING can happen as the road to PWO Wrestlelution 4 begins to wind down.

Shiima Xion & Michael Façade vs. PWO TV Champ Bobby Beverly & Jason Gory
These four men have been at war with one another for months, so to stir things up before their four-way one-fall match for the PWO TV Title at Wrestlelution 4, PWO management has placed them all in one dysfunctional tag match. Shiima & Façade have had wars in PWO in the past, and Beverly & Gory are about as polar opposite as you can get! Only one team (maybe even one man) can wind up with momentum heading into Wrestlelution. The only thing more unpredictable than this tag match will be the 4-way itself!

Johnny Gargano Goes Full Circle
At Wrestlelution 3 last year, Gargano silenced many doubters and critics with his emotional PWO Title match win over Matt Cross. Now, Gargano reflects back on his entire history with not just Matt, but Josh Prohibition as well, as he prepares to go “Full Circle” at Wrestlelution 4. Gargano has faced perhaps no tougher tests in his career than Matt and Josh, but now to face both at once?? Gargano’s frame of mind this week will be very telling!

Final Words – Jason Bane & Krimson
Last week, Krimson assaulted PWO Champion Jason Bane in a way Bane had never been assaulted before, as Gory and the returning Kirst joined “The Embodiment of Evil” in a three-on-one attack, ending with Krimson holding the PWO Title in a possible sign of things to come. How confident is Krimson now with his “Dead Wrestlers Society” en masse? How will Bane respond to being laid out a week ago? On August 7 at Wrestlelution 4, there will be NO disqualification, and these men are ready for war!

Final Words – Marion Fontaine & Justin LaBar
On August 7 at Wrestlelution 4, Kevin Nash & Aaron Draven are led by Justin LaBar to battle Brodie Lee & Marion Fontaine. What started as a simple clash of personalities between Fontaine & LaBar has turned into the biggest tag match in PWO history! Fontaine has always been outspoken to a fault, while LaBar has been very direct and candid himself. Two weeks before the huge battle, what final words will these men have in preparation for a career altering encounter?

Nicki Valentino Goes Old School
WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana is coming to show “Late Nite” Nicki Valentino that the 1980s was about much more than fanny packs and zubaz. Valentino meets Santana in an “Old School Challenge” at Wrestlelution 4, and he will get one last time to show the world how old school he truly is.

Plus: “Amazing” N8 Mattson goes one-on-one with Bryan Castle and we announce the final two matches for PWO Wrestlelution 4!

Plus much more!


PWO Wrestlelution 4 is Sunday, August 7 at 3:00pm from the Jacobs Pavilion in Cleveland, Ohio. Reserve your tickets to PWO Wrestlelution 4 at or order the pay-per-view online at

All of this is in preparation for our biggest event ever – PWO Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive, Sunday afternoon, August 7 at the Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica at 3:00 pm. See the event live or join us on internet pay-per-view!

The card….

Kevin Nash & “Omega” Aaron Draven w/Justin LaBar vs. Marion Fontaine & “Big Rig” Brodie Lee

PWO TITLE MATCH (NO DQ): Jason Bane defends against Krimson

FULL CIRCLE THREE WAY DANCE – M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Josh Prohibition

OLD SCHOOL CHALLENGE: Hall of Famer Tito Santana vs. “Late Nite” Nicki Valentino

PWO TV TITLE 4-WAY ONE-FALL MATCH: Bobby Beverly vs. Shiima Xion vs. Michael Facade vs. Jason Gory

PWO TAG TEAM TITLE ELIMINATION MATCH: Sons of Michigan vs. Aeroform vs. Homeless Handicapped Connection vs. Brian Bender/Bryan Castle

PWO WRESTLERAMA TROPHY: Ben Fruith vs. “True Talent” Bobby Shields

WOMEN’s ATTRACTION: Portia Perez vs. Veda Scott

Kirst vs. Corey Winters

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John Throne sent this in:

Absolute Intense Wrestling
Guy Night out 2
Friday July 29th,2011

Bell Time:7:00pm
Live from The AIW Arena
St. Gregory’s Byzantine Hall
12920 Madison Ave. Lakewood,Ohio

Tickets are on sale now at​m/tickets.html

Mad Man Pondo VS. Rickey Shane Page

Special Attraction Match
Gregory Iron VS. ???

Johnny Gargano VS. Chest Flexor

Eric Ryan VS. Kobald

Absolute Intense Wrestling
Girls Night Out 4
Friday July 29th,2011

Bell Time:8:00pm
Live from The AIW Arena
St. Gregory’s Byzantine Hall
12920 Madison Ave. Lakewood,Ohio

Tickets are on sale now at​m/tickets.html

Main Event
AIW Women’s Championship Match
The Girl who draws First Blood declares the winner
Jessica Havok VS. Angel Dust

Roxxie’s retirement match
Roxxie Cotton VS. Portia Perez

Allysin Kay VS. Mickie Knuckles

Sara Del Rey VS. Super Oprah

Veda Scott VS. Cherry Bomb

For more info on the event and Absolute Intense Wrestling Please Visit